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Mina clarifies her concerning SNS post + answers netizens' questions about why she unfollowed other AOA members


Some time after a concerning photo of her wrist stitches and confessing to attempting self-harm in an earlier SNS post, former AOA member/actress Mina has decided to respond to the floods of questions from fans and netizens alike regarding her past bullying controversy. 

First, Mina clarified, "I didn't try to take my own life earlier today. This was from about a month ago? That was when I did that to myself after those messages with an FNC representative." 

Next, Mina decided to open up about the numerous questions and speculations surrounding her past bullying controversy in AOA. Read her post below (names are filled in for clarification purposes, but no first names were mentioned in Mina's original post):

"There are many people who send me DMs, asking why I unfollowed the members, asking me about the AOA members, cursing at me, telling me to explain myself, etc. I will answer everything. Because I don't think I've done anything to deserve any cursing.. 

First, I think that you all know about Shin Jimin unnie's controversy. Her best friend Kim [Seolhyun], even though she was Shin unnie's best friend Kim never once agreed or joined in when Shin unnie cursed at me or talked trash about me. I've always considered Kim as a good person, but I wasn't able to grow closer to Kim solely due to the fact that she was Shin unnie's best friend; however I also shared sincere words with her about her own troubles. That doesn't change the fact that all of the members knew very well what a hard time I was having because of Shin unnie. At the end, Kim said to me that it didn't matter to her either way, and that she just hated this whole situation. In my perspective, she was another apathetic bystander, and so her words disappointed me. 

The other Kim [Chanmi], on the day that everyone came over with Jimin unnie to 'apologize', asked me, 'Did you have any good memories?'. She's very young. So she just let everything happen around her, whether it was scolding or whatever. I know she's still young but I honestly don't understand the point of what she asked me that day. In front of me, she says bad things about Shin unnie. But behind my back, she does what she needs to do to appease Shin unnie and seeing her like that, sure it's what you need to do to survive in society but from my perspective I couldn't understand it and it all seemed insincere. 

Seo [Yuna] unnie sincerely cherished me as her dongsaeng, that much is true, but no one dared to stand up for me in front of Jimin unnie. 

My friend Shin [Hyejeong], she was the one who said to Jimin, 'Why don't you remember, I remember it all'. She was also the one who turned to me and said, 'If you want to receive an apology, then make sure you get a proper apology'. But how can I when the other person refuses to apologize properly. 

In my perspective, I think you guys are right, they are all apathetic bystanders. To me, especially the Kim's [Seolhyun & Chanmi] were apathetic to the situation, and so I unfollowed them first. Afterward, I think I wanted to gradually erase all of my memories of AOA so I unfollowed everyone. I'm not trying to ask anyone to understand me, I'm not saying stop sending me DMs, I just wanted to write down my honest thoughts."

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HSK3,131 pts Thursday, August 6, 2020 20
Thursday, August 6, 2020

She should try seeking professional help instead of doing social media, posting months old scar photos and stuff :/ This slowly comes off as attention seeking and I don't think that's helpful in her current overall state.


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kupid904 pts Thursday, August 6, 2020 8
Thursday, August 6, 2020

At this Pont I think she is trying to ruin the whole group. she said she was scared of jimin, what makes her think others werent?. If you couldnt stand up for yourself as an adult what makes he think even the young members of the group should face the scary jimin on her behalf?.she should just get heal and stop ranting on social media, because the way I see it even if the entire group disband, it won't help her heal. And someone need to tell her to stop before she keeps talking and turns the table around with her own words, because right now dragging other members like this just because everyone is on her side now makes her a bully just like she claims jimin was


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