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Posted by haydn-an Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Six celebrities who have done good deeds for the citizens of Korea


There are times when we feel the world is a cold and heartless place but there are moments when we feel that the world isn't as harsh as it seems.

These moments come when we see the good deeds done by the people living in this global village. Recently, actor Kim Min Suk apprehended a hidden camera criminal at a Gangnam cafe and turned him over to the police.

With this incident, we've decided to take a look at a few celebrities who have done good deeds for the public.

1. Kim Min Suk

As everyone already knows, actor Kim Min Suk was on his final holiday leave from his mandatory military service when he caught the hidden camera criminal. Kim Min Suk was visiting a cafe in Gangnam when he saw a man taking photos of a woman's legs without her consent. He bravely apprehended the criminal and handed him over to the police. Through this event, the campaign against sexual exploitation Kim Min Suk had previously participated in came to light again. 

2. Lee Yi Kyung

Actor Lee Yi Kyung saved a citizen from making an extreme decision of taking his own life. Earlier this year, an intoxicated man jumped in front of a truck in a suicide attempt. The truck, fortunately, stopped in its path but the man continued to jump in front of other moving cars. Lee Yi Kyung was driving behind the truck when he saw the man. That is when the actor decided to jump out of his car to grab the man and stop him. According to witnesses, actor Lee Yi Kyung even took off his outer coat and gave it to the intoxicated man who was shivering from the cold.

3. Kim Bo Sung

The next celebrity who did good deeds for the public is actor Kim Bo Sung. He decided to go down to the Daegu area to lend a helping hand to the citizens of Daegu who were trembling in fear because of the mass outbreak that had occurred there. Actor Kim Bo Sung went around the province in a truck giving out free masks as he shouted "Have strength, Daegu!" Actor Kim Bo Sung went down to Daegu despite the dangers of being infected with the Coronavirus. 

4. Song Jae Rim

Two years ago, actor Song Jae Rim had volunteered to escort students to the college entrance exam location with his motorcycle. Every year, high school seniors take a college entrance exam which takes place only once a year. On the day of the exam, Song Jae Rim waited to bring students to the exam location from early morning so that they are not late. He also left a photo on his social media account which caught the eyes of netizens.

5. Atone

Singer Atone caught a sexual assault criminal as the crime was taking place. Last year, Atone saw a foreign man trying to assault a woman on the streets. Atone bravely went to stop the man by flipping him over and apprehending him before turning the man over to the police. Atone stated that he heard a woman scream so he ran outside to help her. Recently, Atone also moved the hearts of many when he signed up as an organ donor and promised to donate his cornea and organs after his death.

6. Park Jae Hong

Actor Park Jae Hong risked his life to save others. Back in 2018, actor Park Jae Hong ran into a burning apartment and brought out a citizen by carrying the citizen down from the fifth floor. Park Jae Hong stated, "I only did my job thinking I need to save the people inside the apartment building. I hope the people who were hurt in the fire recovers soon." After, Park Jae Hong received a merit of a good deed given by the Provincial Fire Department.

  1. Kim Min Suk
  2. Lee Yi Kyung
  3. Song Jae Rim
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I don't want to be that bitch, but why are there only men on this list? Does the word Korean mean male Korean citizen only???


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