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VERIVERY's Dongheon says he's not a scary leader, talks about making friends on 'Road To Kingdom' & more


Rookie boy group VERIVERY's leader Dongheon was the next idol group leader up to sit down for 'News1's leader interview series!

In the interview, Dongheon discussed everything from his leadership style, VERIVERY's appearance on Mnet's competition program 'Road To Kingdom', and more. See what the rookie leader had to share, below!

Q: In your own opinion, what kind of leader are you?

A: "After some recent footage from broadcasts, a lot of people have told me I must be a scary leader, but I'm really not (Laughter). I'm actually not good at taking decisive action, so the dongsaengs step in and do it for me. Which also means I don't ever really make decisions all on my own, so I'm good at taking into account all of the members' opinions. Even when the members tease me and play pranks on me, I don't really say anything; in that sense I'm actually a leader without much authority. I feel uncomfortable when the mood is stiff, so outside of practice I'm pretty relaxed." 

Q: When you're faced with difficult decisions, are there particular members you rely on the most? Or do you have any sundaes you ask for advice? 

A: "I don't particularly rely on the dongsaengs, but if I seem like I'm struggling they come to me on their own and ask me, 'Are you okay?'. They come to my room one by one and talk with me, telling me good things, and I'm thankful for them. All of the members are good at taking care of one another... I think I'm able to lead this group because it's VERIVERY. Outside of VERIVERY, I rely on SF9's Inseong hyung. He gives me a lot of advice and takes good care of me if we're promoting together."

Q: You guys don't have mobile phones yet?

A: "Yes. The company promised us that we would get our mobile phones back if we win 1st place, which we haven't done yet. We need to work harder if we want our phones back. But it's not that uncomfortable living without phones. We have one shared device that's allowed among all the members." 

Q: Who have you grown close with through 'Road To Kingdom'?

A: "I've become good friends with ONF's Wyatt. We talked a lot while doing 'Road To Kingdom', and I found out that he's a really nice and good guy, so I want to be good friends from here on. We also grew close with TOO while practicing together." 

Q: What's your attitude ahead of the live finale of 'Road To Kingdom'?

A: "We will be performing our new song 'Beautiful-X', and our aim is to create our most memorable, legendary stage on the show. Recently, VIXX's Ken sunbaenim told us that he's watching us on 'Road To Kingdom', and that he's cheering for us. After hearing that, we want to make sure to create a legendary stage." 

  1. ONF
  2. Inseong
  3. TO1 (TOO)
  5. Ken
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crowboy2,454 pts Saturday, June 13, 2020 1
Saturday, June 13, 2020

"Or do you have any sundaes you ask for advice?"

at first i thought i just misread it because i was hungry lmao

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bxfangirl2221,995 pts Friday, June 12, 2020 5
Friday, June 12, 2020

I'm sorry, but that second question, needs to be fixed, lol and surely he's joking about the cell phones.

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