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SM Entertainment to take legal action against informant 'A' who spread 'exaggerated information' about NCT's Taeyong


On June 24, SM Entertainment issued an official press statement, as follows:

"Hello, this is SM Entertainment. We notify you our statement regarding the content involving our artist NCT's Taeyong, currently being spread online. 

This individual 'A' who has posted various posts regarding Taeyong's usage of speech during his middle school days, claims that they are speaking up in defense of another victim and continues to spread one-sided, misinformed, and very exaggerated information.

Previously, Taeyong sincerely apologized to victim 'B' for the mistakes he made in his middle school days and provided 'B' with compensation. 

Despite this, informant 'A' went on making malicious, one-sided claims based on exaggerated truths.

Until now, we exercised patience despite knowing of informant 'A's actions, as informant 'A' is a former classmate of Taeyong; we were also concerned about any secondary offenses against others related to Taeyong's middle school friends and acquaintances as well as the fact that Taeyong was worried about inflicting unnecessary damages on his fellow former classmates.

However, such exaggerated information was spread and nurtured until these events severely violated the privacy of not only Taeyong but also his family, in addition to severely defaming Taeyong's character among other offenses. As a result, it has come to a point where we cannot show any more benevolence, as we must protect our artist. 

If informant 'A' continues to post malicious content and accusations directed toward Taeyong, we will not sit by idly but act with strict legal action. 

Furthermore, we will be taking strict legal action against any additional accounts of defamation of character which inflicts damages to Taeyong and his family, whether it be through sharing and spreading of malicious posts online, re-posting such content via other platforms, etc. 

Finally, we would like to ask that all rumors, malicious comments, and invasive acts of privacy related to other individuals including victim 'B', informant 'A', and any other acquaintances from Taeyong's middle school days come to an end, in order to evade further damages.

We would like to notify you that through this incident, SM Entertainment will be strengthening the measures in place to protect our artists from illegal activity, through constant monitoring of online platforms and strong legal action. Thank you." 

Earlier this month, an alleged former middle school classmate 'A' stirred controversies online, making various claims against NCT's Taeyong and his legal representative. 

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bangchansteponme1,477 pts Wednesday, June 24, 2020 0
Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I am so so so glad. I have been worried about Taeyong for a long time. People would tell me not to worry about him but I still worried. Its not fun having your character endlessly attacked, especially when you try in good faith to end the situation amicably but it just goes on and on.

I hope SM has truly learned from this and the next time something like this pops up they just sue right then and there.

I hope that Taeyong can continue on without the burden of this hanging over his head. I hope he has a beautiful career from now on.



athalia-b1,128 pts Wednesday, June 24, 2020 0
Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I'm so happy everything is cleared up and sm took action, and this rumor is set down.



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