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'Dispatch' releases full details on Kakao messages exchanged between NCT's Taeyong & former classmate


On June 24, media outlet 'Dispatch' released the full, unedited details of the KakaoTalk messages exchanged between NCT's Taeyong and victim 'A'. (Unlike in previous media articles, the victim who was a middle school classmate of Taeyong is referred to as 'A' in this article instead of 'B'.)

Back in 2009, when Taeyong was a second year student in middle school, he was responsible for leaving a hurtful comment about his classmate 'A' via a shared student online community. 

Informant 'B', another individual who was a former middle school classmate of Taeyong, was the first person to spread this incident from 2009 to the public, after Taeyong's debut. Then, in 2019, Taeyong met up with victim 'A' to personally apologize for his mistake from his middle school days. 'A' officially accepted Taeyong's apology, and signed a legal document agreeing to bring the incident to an end. 

Above, victim 'A' personally spoke up after news of Taeyong's personal apology became publicized. 'A' asked others to refrain from making false assumptions and spreading rumors regarding the past incident, and also asked to refrain from further invasion of personal privacy. 

Then, earlier in June of 2020, informant 'B' emerged again on an online community, accusing Taeyong's fans of severely invading their privacy. Later on, 'B' directed the accusations toward Taeyong, posting alleged "KakaoTalk messages" which seemed to indicate that victim 'A' did not feel sincerity from Taeyong's past apology. 

However, 'Dispatch' claims that 'B' edited their "KakaoTalk messages" post maliciously. 

According to 'Dispatch', the conversations which took place between victim 'A' and Taeyong contained information such as: 

October 11, 2019

A: "Yes... It's me... Aw man my eyes look mismatched in this phone pic... Thanks for not saying anything..."

Taeyong: "I'm really sorry again and let's stay in touch. It might be a little difficult for me to keep in touch often, and I might not be able to respond right away either, but if you could understand and cheer me on! Thank you!"

October 12, 2019

A: "Last thing, I'm worrying about your health so please don't get hurt and if you get hurt, go to the hospital!"

Taeyong: "Yeah, thanks. I'll take good care of myself. Thank you for the support haha, and you stay healthy too!"

A: "I have something I want to ask, after yesterday I would really like to just stay friends without it being uncomfortable, exchanging KakaoTalks like this. If you think it'll be uncomfortable, that's okay, your opinion is important and I want to respect that." 

Taeyong: "Thank you for asking me like this, and I don't want it to be uncomfortable or anything like that at all. The only thing is that I might not be able to contact you that often and I might not be able to respond quickly because of my work. But I think you'll understand all that! Next time if you can make it, I'll see you at our concert. Take care!"

October 28, 2019

A: "Is your back okay? You're probably gonna say it's always okay even when it's not."

A: "My mom really had a hard time with her back too."

A: "Honestly if anyone tried to say to me that your apology wasn't sincere, I said that it really was."

A: "I've always believed that when you apologized with your head bowed low, it was really sincere." 

May 15, 2020

Taeyong: "Hi, A! It's Taeyong. Have you been doing well?"

A: "Yeah, I was watching baseball!"

Taeyong: "Oh really ^^ I wanted to invite you to our concert last time. But we can't have concerts because of COVID, so we're having an online concert on Sunday at 3 PM, it's on 'V Live'. I'll send you a code tomorrow or the next day. Maybe it overlaps with baseball games? Haha if you have time, you can catch it." 

A: "It's faster if you contact me through direct text. It would be great if you send me the information through text." 

May 15, 2020 Continued

Taeyong: "I'm sad that I can't invite you to our live concert. If you go into 'V Live' there's a place where you can put in this code [for NCT's online concert]. It's at 3 PM so if you have time, watch it ^^"

A: "Okay. It's fascinating, these days they have no contact concerts.. good luck!

Taeyong: "Okay Thanks, and you stay safe too." 

Finally, 'Dispatch' also refuted informant 'B's claims regarding Taeyong's community service. It was said that during his personal meeting with victim 'A' in 2019, 'A' asked that Taeyong carry out volunteer work to make up for his mistake. Informant 'B' accused Taeyong of failing to meet this requirement. 

'Dispatch' has since released records of Taeyong's volunteer activities and donations made since as far back as 2016, including volunteering at a food kitchen, at a multi-culture school, at community reform centers, etc. In April of 2016, Taeyong is said to have started a scholarship fund in his name at the multi-culture school where he and NCT have volunteered for several years. Each month, Taeyong donated approximately 1 million KRW to be used for the Taeyong scholarship fund, amounting to approximately 50 million KRW (~41,000 USD) provided to student scholarships in the past 4 years. 

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has also announced legal action against informant 'B' for the onslaught of malicious comments and rumors involving NCT's Taeyong. 

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charisseann356 pts Wednesday, June 24, 2020 9
Wednesday, June 24, 2020

This Informant B seems to have a huge grudge against Taeyong based on the article. He/she isnt even the one involved in the incident. Good thing SM is doing something about it.


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karron-avuche519 pts Wednesday, June 24, 2020 13
Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I believe that this coming out is beneficial in 2 ways, Taeyong's fans will hopefully stop pestering and invading the privacy of the victim seeing that they're actually on good terms with each other and second, random classmates of Taeyong stop trying to bring up unnecessary drama in an attempt to chase clout.


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