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Eunbi tears up after seeing messages from the IZ*ONE members, talks about the pressure she felt about the group's comeback


IZ*ONE's Eunbi teared up while talking about the pressure she felt about the group's impending comeback.

She appeared on the June 15th of the group's reality comeback show on Mnet where she was seen tearing up while seeing congratulatory video messages from her fellow members. Many of the messages displayed the girls' thanks towards Eunbi, which made her cry and state: "I think I am blessed to be a part of IZ*ONE. I hope we are able to be together forever and I will work harder for IZ*ONE." 

After watching the videos, she stated: "While trying to lead the team, I felt like I wasn't perfect and wasn't doing a good job. I didn't show it but I felt burdened." The other members encouraged her, saying: "We were able to come here because of you." 

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By the way, whoever dislikes this article is a shit. You call yourselves KPop fans and yet cannot accept the group because of how they have been made. Yes, they were created through unlawful act but to dislike this article due to that reason is pointless. It's like saying, "oh you were created because of extra marital affair so you are a damned person for life" I mean come on. These members improve a lot.


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It must be hard for her during the scandal period. She must be in a lot of pressure back then



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