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Petition submitted to the Blue House asking to revoke BTS Jungkook's Order of Cultural Merit medal


Netizens have submitted a Blue House petition asking that BTS Jungkook's Order of Cultural Merit medal be revoked in light of his involvement in the Itaewon social distancing controversy. 

On May 18th, a petition was submitted to the Blue House with the title "Please revoke BTS Jungkook's Order of Cultural Merit medal". The petition states: "Big Hit Entertainment artist BTS's Jungkook and his three idol friends went to an Itaewon nightlife eatery while many people in the country are trying to overcome the global Coronavirus epidemic." It also writes that his actions "disregards the efforts of the public and officials who have tried to overcome the virus so far, and does not match the purpose of the medal which is awarded to those with outstanding achievements that contributed to national development." The petition concludes, asking for Jungkook's medal to revoked. 

Jungkook, along with NCT's Jaehyun, ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo, and SEVENTEEN's Mingkyu are currently under heavy netizen criticism after Dispatch reported that the four idols were present at an establishment where a Coronavirus positive individual was present during the social distancing period. Big Hit Entertainment has since made a statement acknowledging Jungkook's presence at Itaewon and apologized, stating they would make sure something like this wouldn't happen again. 

BTS was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit medal in 2018 for the contributions to Korean culture and the spread of K-pop throughout the world.

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quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,780 pts Tuesday, May 19, 2020 20
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I know this is just typical anti bullshit, but the fact that people are more upset about this than idk... a child porn ring just pisses me right the fuck off. Like someone who works for the government who probably doesn't give a shit about who Jungkook is or what he does is gonna have to deal with the paperwork fro this. It's like when someone made that petition to the White House to have Justin Bieber deported back when Obama was in office.


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Kirsty_Louise25,145 pts Tuesday, May 19, 2020 28
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I dont know man, I think people need to stop punishing these guys. Apologies have been issued and they have acknowledged their wrongdoing. There should be consequences when you fuck up but this seems excessive. Like his entire career is now meaningless because of one error in judgement. Theyre being treated like criminals here and its so over the top.

But I honestly expected something like this. Of course people jumped on a reason to go after a member of BTS lol


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