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'Heart Signal 3' contestant accused of being a severe bully


Another 'Heart Signal' contestant has yet again become wrapped up in controversy. 

Contestant Chung Anna has been accused of being a bully. With the upcoming season set to air, the shocking reveal has made public comments and articles about her the center of attention. 

Particularly, posts made by people claiming to be Chung Anna's school junior and fellow Korean Air flight attendant colleagues have spread across the internet. 

The first online community forum post by Anna's school junior stated: "There is a lot of talk about the personality these days of a 'Heart Signal 3' contestant who's a flight attendant so I wanted to organize and upload some facts. I would like you to know that these are not exaggerations or lies. Someone from my year had to repeat college entrance exams and worked really hard to get into college. 

The Heart Signal contestant started screaming and shouting at my friend for not greeting her properly at a school retreat that happened at the beginning of March, saying all sorts of terrible things, for not greeting her properly, and insulted her character. She used even more severe language and ended up dropping out. 

The contestant and her friends publicly apologized where the whole class was gathered, but afterward, the bullying got worse. If there was a junior she didn't like, she would call them to her room and yell at them. She would tell them to kneel, threaten them with sticks, scream in their ears, and curse while hitting their shoulders. If she went into that junior's room, there were so many of them who left crying."

Another post made by Chung Anna's roommate also stated: "I couldn't go into bed until she fell asleep. Even when my leg was broken and I had to wear a cast, she made me clean the floors with my hands every day, as well as do laundry, clean the bathroom, and emptying the trash along with other chores."  

More comments made by her flight attendant colleagues stated: 

"She's a person famous for having a bad personality. She won't be able to come on TV if people find out what she did."

"I hope everything gets released. She needs to experience as much pain as she's given.

"She's the worst person I've ever seen in my entire life." 

"She's someone who went to school to harass her juniors."

"Let's see how she acts on camera." 

The show has yet to announce whether she will appear on the show, saying they are investigating the truth. After the bullying allegations came to light, Chung Anna has since made her social accounts private. 

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MeniNova1,263 pts Thursday, March 12, 2020 0
Thursday, March 12, 2020

How some people find it okay to mistreat others is just awful and baffling. If these bullying allegations are true, then this Chaung Anna needs to acknowledge them and personally and sincerely apologize to those she victimized. Bullying can impact people so severely and emotionally as well. She should be held accountable and such behaviour shouldn't be excused.



LittleSukie4,475 pts Thursday, March 12, 2020 0
Thursday, March 12, 2020

I don't understand how people put up with this shit.Respect should be mutual.If you are older and demand respect but threat the youngster like shit, tomorrow that youngster will threat someone else like shit. I was bullied in juniors school and then I had enough and floored my bully. I am a girl, single child, introvert, small and skinny but I figured that no one else will stand up for me if I don't do it myself.I decided to take on a beating if I had to but sure as hell I wasn't gonna let the bully pass unharmed. Respect is earned. I wished more people learned that.



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