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Anonymous student 'A' reveals how kindly VIXX's Ravi reacted after an electric scooter accident, denting Ravi's Porsche


On March 11, one anonymous student 'A' garnered attention for his online community post, titled 'Calling the Police on Ravi's Kindness'.

According to 'A', "I'm a 26-year old college student. Last Sunday, my girlfriend, who isn't good at handling electric scooters, fell and ended up denting a car she bumped into. A man came up to us and asked if she was okay. I knew that this was the owner of the car. At the time, we exchanged contact information and parted ways." 

'A' continued that he first tended to his girlfriend's injuries before returning to the spot of the accident, where he realized that the vehicle was a foreign Porsche. "It threw me into shock. I'm a student, and my girlfriend is also only starting out as a career-woman. I've heard stories about people who had to sell their houses to pay for accidents involving foreign cars, so I spent a day worrying before contacting the owner on Monday," 'A' said. 

Next, 'A' revealed the contents of his text messages with the "vehicle owner", as follows:

'A': "Hello, are you the owner of the Porsche? I'm the person responsible for the scooter accident. I am contacting you because I have some questions to ask. Has something like this ever happened in the past? If so, around how much was the repair costs..? If the costs are rather high, we would need some time to prepare before we can pay for your damages... Please contact me when you're available~"

Porsche owner: "Yes, hello! I hope that the person wasn't hurt too badly. You must have also been extra shocked because of the dent in the car. It seemed like you were both still students, and it was an honest accident that happened while you were having a good time, so I think it's fine if you don't worry about the repairs! I'll just take care of it. Electric scooters can be dangerous so please be careful, and if you could show more love toward Ravi and GROOVL1N, that will be enough for me."

'A' also added on, "I didn't know at the time of the accident, but it turned out that the person I exchanged contact with was VIXX's Ravi. I'm so grateful that the vehicle owner waved off the accident and did not ask for us to pay the repair costs, but I did not feel comfortable just benefiting from this kind act without doing anything, so I'm writing this. I hope that Ravi-nim's generosity will be known widely. I will stream Ravi's music forever from now on." 

When the story garnered attention rapidly, Ravi responded through his label GROOVL1N, "Actually, I have a younger sister who is about the same age as the individual who said such nice things about me, and they just reminded me of my sister so I wanted to wave it off naturally. It was nothing. Thank you for all of the positive feedback." 

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NoahL456 pts Wednesday, March 11, 2020 0
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ravi is really commendable in this incident and thoughtful for the society. Ofcourse if one is not financially stable he/she does not need to do the same like ravi.



yitaozi69 pts Wednesday, March 11, 2020 2
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I love (1) man named Kim Wonsik. Also, love how he was like STAN RAVI. he's also known to love his little sister a lot too and even in Vixx I think he's the most kind, he always takes cares of the others and lets them get away with so much crap, man's heart is too big


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