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MBC's Section TV directly expresses concern regarding Seungri's lack of punishment with his upcoming military enlistment date


On December 27 KST, media outlet MyDaily posed the question"Is it possible that the one who began the Burning Sun scandal, former Big Bang member Seungri, will face no punishment and enter the army?"

This is in relation to MBC's 'Section TV' report on December 26th which directly addressed the concerns regarding the lack of punishment for Seungri. He hasn't faced the press since being summoned by Seoul police for questioning on September 24. Right now, it is unknown if there will be a trial or when it will begin. 

However, many netizens are buzzing given Seungri's nearing enlistment date. Regarding these concerns, a representative came forward to state: "Seungri had requested a 6-month delay in entering the military to better help the case, but it seems like he will be entering on time as his time limit to enlist has passed." 

What do you think of this? 

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Factsdomatter596 pts Thursday, December 26, 2019 17
Thursday, December 26, 2019

Take note everyone this is a great example of what happens when you can’t admit you were wrong, bad reporting and yellow journalism.

1. JJY and Choi’s Case has nothing to do with Burning Sun Nor Burning Sun Scandal as theirs was a case of distribution of molka and rape. They only have a causative link to Seungri as he was in a business chat (JJY, Choi and several others own a restaurant together) where serial molka distributor JJY uploaded a 20 sec video. Seungri is not part of JJY’s case nor was he charged in that case.

2. YG is not a part of the JJY case nor Burning Sun case so why choose to include a picture except to deceive and fake news for clicks.

3. Seungri’s currently a private citizen and doesn’t need to face the press.

4. It’s more telling that after 7+ months in the prosecutors office and over 100+ hours of investigation by the SK police and special investigation unit, who admitted they didn’t have solid proof, that they still CANT or ARE NOT able to forward his case with the lack of or uncorroborated circumstantial evidence presented which also saw the original arrest warrant thrown out, then it does that somehow they should move forward Just to please netizens who can’t admit they were duped by mob mentality.


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Blue20121,060 pts Thursday, December 26, 2019 0
Thursday, December 26, 2019

You don't punish people who didn't break the law. The police and prosecution failed to produce evidence even after going above and beyond how theyd investigate a normal person. He had his life probed for a year. And nothing. He should start suing all the outlets for false rumors.



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