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Netizens voice outrage over Jung Joon Young and Jonghun's light sentencing


Netizens have been voicing their outrage and deep disappointment after the sentencing for Jung Joon Young and former F.T. Island member Jonghun was announced. The two received six years and five years respectively, and will also be required to take 80 hours of sexual violence education. Kwon Hyuk Jun (Girls' Generation's Yuri's older brother) received four years.

Netizens have been voicing their outrage over the light sentences after the three men were charged with sexually assaulting drunk women and sharing non-consensual and illegal sex footage in different Kakaotalk chat rooms. 

Netizens have been furious at the sentencing and have been voicing their opposition stating: 

"Are you sad? Because I'm sad you're going away for such a short time." 

"Only 5 and 6 years? Rot in hell."

"Seungri's probably laughing as he's wearing a dressing robe and drinking wine."

"This system is ridiculous and the sentencing is too short."

What do you think? 

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Kirsty_Louise9,554 pts 6 days ago 16
6 days ago

The issue I have with this especially JJY, he only stopped doing this because he was caught. Not because he felt any kind of guilt or remorse, simply because he was found out. Six years isn't all that long, who's to say he won't be released and start doing this shit again. To do what he did he has to be some kind of sexual deviant, he was a celebrity and would have had no problem getting women. He just preferred to rape them and share it with his friends. I find it hard to believe he won't reoffend when he's released.


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MeniNova780 pts 6 days ago 0
6 days ago

The judicial system is flawed. These sentences are so short for such serious crimes that'll leave these women hurting for a life time. The netizens are absolutely right as the sentences are a joke considering the psychological damages they've caused. But the public and internet never forgets as their reputations are ruined.



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