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[MV and Song Review] Melomance - 'Festival'



Track List:

1. Festival

2. Solicitude

3. Nanana

Indie folk duo Melomance have released their newest single, 'Festival.' The single album includes two B-sides: "Solicitude" and "Nanana." This is their last release before Minseok enters the military, at which point Melomance will go on hiatus.

"Festival" is a jazzy, upbeat tune, about spending time with that special someone, that makes it feel like being at a festival. And jazzy it is, sung to a piano and strings. It's a refreshing way to open the album because it's just a laid back piece. The ballad on here is "Solicitude." For those who can't be bothered to google it, it means to care for someone. And this particular song talks about just that. Minseok's emotional vocals dominate this one. We go back to more soft jazz for "Nanana." This one is probably even jazzier than "Festival," with several piano flourishes and a higher tempo. I think I like this better than the title track, simply because they cut loose a bit more on this song.

It sounds for all the world like an OST, which is appropriate given their upcoming hiatus. It hits all the right notes, mostly against a jazz-inspired motif. There's an emotional element to this one, especially apparent on the wistful "Solicitude." Though parting might be painful, they at least left the fans something to whet their appetites until they manage to crank out another release.


The boys of Melomance enjoy performing in the MV for "Festival."

The MV opens with the two appearing to get ready for a performance, just kind of going back and forth, playing, writing lyrics and music, maybe even making a setlist. They goof around a little, and Minseok even playfully throws a wadded up sheet of paper at Donghwan.

And when they're on stage, it's a small, simple, intimate affair, probably for a family (maybe even their own). With each scene change, it gets more and more elaborate, swapping a simple curtain for lights, a neon sign bearing their name, and even something decorated for Christmas. Between verses, they play and dance with the kids and a pretty woman.

There's just enough of the cute moments where you don't fear you might OD on cuteness. And that's the thing. The whole MV is a feelgood episode, something to smile at while you're watching it. At the end of the day, isn't that enough?


MV Relevance.......8

MV Production......8

MV Concept..........9







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lunarian1,596 pts Monday, November 11, 2019 0
Monday, November 11, 2019

I'm sad the author didn't hit on the fact the Festival MV glances back at Melomance's discography. There are countless nods to everything from their first album cover to their popular MVs (like Gift, Tale, and I Love Jealousy). The "Festival" refers to the music and stages they've presented to fans for the last four years (and, obviously, a nod to the music festivals the duo frequently played). It's a goodbye and a fond wish for fans ... basically, they hope their songs will remain as a comforting presence, even after their "curtains close."


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