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Actor Kang Eun Tak releases an official statement regarding his mom and brother's fraud accusation


Actor Kang Eun Tak released an official statement regarding an ongoing fraud case involving his mother and brother. 

On November 8, KBS2's 'Entertainment Weekly' has reported that Kang Eun Tak's mother and brother were sued for violation of credit banking laws and other charges for fraud. It was reported that these two jointly operated a gym and abruptly suspended the business operation without proper notice or returning membership fees to the gym members. An estimated 388,348 US dollars were lost, according to the case. 

Below is the official statement from Kang Eun Tak's agency:

"As someone who is in the eye and love of the public, Kang Eun Tak and the agency are sorry for the unpleasant events caused by his family members.

Nevertheless, we once again state that Kang Eun Tak has never been involved in the management of the fitness center. As reported on KBS2's 'Entertainment Weekly' in the afternoon of November 8th, though his family ran a fitness center, he was never involved in its management or knew about specifics of the operation. 

Regardless of the specifics, we understand our moral responsibility as a public figure. We apologize again for the unfortunate event that happened."

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Why are Korean entertainers and/or their families so often embroiled in fraudulent activities? It's not like this in other countries, at least not to the extent where we constantly hear about it.

Countless entertainers and their families are having to apologize for not paying their debts, embezzling funds, not paying their employees, scamming their friends & neighbors, scamming people online, not paying for accidents they are liable for due to gross negligence, or just straight up theft.

At some point you have to stop blaming the media for reporting facts, start looking at why these problems are so prevalent, and asking why it continues to happen.

Seriously, if everyone was innocent, like so many fans maintain, we wouldn't hear about these offenses with such regularity. Is it really that hard to live life right?


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