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[MV & Song Review] 3YE – 'OOMM'


3YE – 'OOMM'

Track List:


2. OOMM (Inst.)

Girl group 3YE (pronounced "3rd Eye") is back. After making a splash with their first single "DMT" (Do Ma Thang), they're coming back again with another song with an abbreviated title -- "OOMM" (Out Of My Mind).

So how does it sound? It sounds different enough from their first single but still retains the same structure. It has a bit of Billie Eilish's "bad guy" vibes with the singing softly in the chorus. There are loud synths, rapping in the main verses, and a quieter, more melodic bridge. Just like "DMT".

However, "DMT" was more of a girl-power anthem, with more cheerleader-style chants. These are gone here. "OOMM" is different there. It sounds more filled-out, more mature, less derivative. And it's no less drenched in attitude -- in fact, it may have more. The synths are more in a minor key, and when the song starts, it sounds epic, like something exciting is about happen. That's no lie.

At its heart, it's a girl crush anthem along the same lines as a BLACKPINK single. And I have a soft spot in my heart for those. These women present themselves as bold, direct, and screw all the rules. There's nothing more awesome than a confident gal. And these girls have that in spades.


In keeping with the attitude of the music, the girls are prisoners in "OOMM".

They're all decked out in orange jumpsuits. Sort of. Actually, the jumpsuits are unzipped, the better for the girls to show off their obvious charms. Not like I mind, of course.

But when they're not languishing in a cell, they're dancing. And not most of their moves are pretty proficient, even if its something we've seen before. They're dance/hip-hop moves, the kind that have become almost iconic by now. They're trying to put themselves front and center as rappers.

The effect works. They don't look happy. And they wear angry expressions that would wither a weaker man. They don't do anything particularly amazing here. No CGI or property destruction or anything of the like. They just hang out, often in a cell.

So is it good? Yes and no. I've seen things like this before. MONSTA X did this kind of thing at debut. Ailee also had a prison-themed MV. Didn't hurt them any, and probably won't hurt 3EYE either. On the other hand, I'd like to see something new, and I tend to knock points off for that. Still, it wasn't all bad, hence my scores.


MV Relevance.......8

MV Production......8

MV Concept..........7







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