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Koyote's Shinji talks about her past struggles with stage fright on 'People Are Good'


Koyote's Shinji recalled the difficulties she faced because of her extreme stage fright in the past. 

Her group, Koyote, appeared on the September 3 broadcast of 'Human Documentary: People Are Good' where it was revealed that she used to tremble a lot on stage. Footage of her in 2008 was revealed in which Shinji was seen to be shaking immensely on stage while holding a microphone. 

Shinji stated that she fainted after exiting the stage and that she "became a singer because I liked singing, but I hated myself for becoming like that." She was unable to go on stage for a while and became incredibly depressed. 

Fellow member Kim Jong Hyun stated that it was hard because all they could do was comfort her with words. We're glad she made it through and is performing on stage today! 

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megumishimizuu638 pts 15 days ago 0
15 days ago

I have stage fright. It's not easy sometimes. But I'm glad she made it through.



Cutie888462 pts 15 days ago 0
15 days ago

That’s very relatable, although I’m not a singer but I get stage fright even if I have to read a freaking speech in front of a room with like 20 people. My hands and legs shake and continue to shake even after I get off the stage. It must be harder for her though because it must have got in the way of her fulfilling her dreams to the full limit, but everything seems to be ok now so that’s good for her.



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