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KBS Reports Inconsistencies In Prosecution’s Statements And Actions In 2016 Case With B.I And “A”


June 19, KBS’s “News 9” reported on the 2016 investigation into B.I and “A,” saying that prosecutors have revealed that they were conducting an investigation into YG at the time. Yet, despite that fact, said KBS, they took no action with “A” and her testimony after they received her case and testimony about B.I from police.

At the time, “A” was arrested during the same period as seven others, who were also taken in for drug-related crimes. However, “A” was forwarded to prosecutors in late August, while all of the others were transferred much later, in October. Moreover, after the transfer, prosecution sent the other seven cases to local authorities after about 10 days, while the case with “A,” which prosecutors had in hand for much longer, remained.

On why “A” was forwarded to prosecution much earlier than others, police said that it was a request from prosecutors, who said they would be handling the YG case. However, the prosecutors’ office has denied this, saying that they never requested an early transfer of the case.

Prosecution also stated that the case with A was never transferred elsewhere — as the other similar cases were — because they were conducting an investigation into YG at the time.

Reports state that while prosecutors were questioning “A,” she kept crying, so the interview was not properly concluded, and as the investigation into YG was coming to an end, they tried to summon “A” again, but found she had left the country. After that, indictment was suspended.

In yet another statement, quoted by Yonhap News, a source from the prosecution said their investigation into YG did not involve B.I and was different from the investigation conducted by police. “B.I was included in the investigative report from the police, so we thought they were carrying out the investigation.”

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

This is frankly ridiculous the Justice system in Korea seems like an absolute MESS with no communication between all the departments and they're riddled with corruption. They need to get their head in the game and do their JOB of keeping Korea safe SMH.

If this is how they function with such a high profile case involving celebrities I can only imagine how they handle ordinary citizen's cases with no media attention.


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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Thank you for including your sources 😊



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