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Jooyeon's active updates on Instagram draw mixed reactions from netizens


Netizens are uncertain how to react to Jooyeon's active updates on Instagram.

On June 23, the former After School member Jooyeon posted a series of selfies, all in which she smiled. Along with these three photos, she had written: "Oh, what's so funny????? LOOOL just everything is funny, happy weekend, watching TV, funny". 

But the very post was deleted within a day, and what remains on Jooyeon's page are her recent feeds that had been actively updated in recent days.

Back in May, a controversy erupted when Jooyeon posted an old video taken with G-Dragon that had previously resulted in a dating scandal. Now, as a number of rumors related to YG Entertainment were quickly spreading across media, Jooyeon was accused of "seeking attention" by posting old footage.

About a week after the occurrence, Jooyeon came back on Instagram and continued to make posts, updating almost daily. Although the posts themselves seem to simply reflect Jooyeon's regular lifestyle, the comments on the photos varied greatly, from:

"Why are u so shameless lol" and "look here everyone !this is real faker,she always posted something about jiyong for media attention"


"So pretty!!!! No wonder why those jobless haters are so pressed. keep living your life, doing what you love!" and "Why people still give hate comment to her? Does anything she do is bothering ur life?".

On the other hand, Jooyeon's latest post consists of captures from the show 'My Ugly Duckling' and has the caption: "It's been so long. I will learn a lot from the sides of you that now shows a bright side after fighting through difficult times. #LeeDongWoo #KimKyungSik #ParkSooHong. The way you look happy makes my heart happy.. I cry a lot but you guys are laughing a lot! #SuchGoodFriends #TheDaughterIsSoNiceAndPretty".

What are you thoughts her posts and these reactions?

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Winston3,644 pts Sunday, June 23, 2019 0
Sunday, June 23, 2019

its her life and her SNS account, if you dislike whag she post, unfollow it. Like what Sulli says, she can do what she likes as long as its within the law.



straightforward0 pt Wednesday, June 26, 2019 0
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Saw her first time in Law of the Jungle variety show. Can tell she purposely go attract guys with certain quality. That episode Park Tae Hwan was the special guest, and she kept sticking near him perhaps to make him attracted to her or probably to get more air-time. So who knows she applies the same thing to all guys esp GD, and she really hit jackpot if she is in the relationship with GD. Not that we mind GD is in a relationship, but for her to simply just post up photos/videos of them in purpose and to delete them shortly shows how desperate she is to tell the world she is connected with GD.



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