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Angry fans ask Jooyeon to stop using G-Dragon for attention


Jooyeon is being criticized for sharing a video with G-Dragon

On May 31, Jooyeon uploaded then quickly deleted a video with G-Dragon; the top star she was swept up in dating rumors multiple times. Many believe the video is not recent but an old one, and the post was not an accident but shared on purpose for attention. As a result, fans are firing criticism toward Jooyeon for using G-Dragon. Many are also pointing out this is a bad time to cause an issue considering all the scandal going on with YG Entertainment lately. 

Comments stated:

"Please refrain from those childish acts, we have no say in whatever thing that has to do with your private life, just keep it to yourself, we don’t want more drama."

"u need attention?"

"may i ask you to stop posting throwbacks if it’s jiyong? we dont want more fuel to the fire. too many issues this year. please dont add up to it."

"It’s already 2019 you need to wake up. You need to move on girl like wth"

"Dear joo yeon , pleeease don't share anything with jiyong atleast in these days ... We just worry abt jiyong and korea media's reaction to your video ..."


"i dont know what to say.. but if u are really the real gf here, u, out of all people should know that this is might be really a bad move to make at the moment... but i really hope it wont add to another YG problems .."

"I knew you were gonna cause trouble someday. Why did you upload that video with G-dragon?"

"to be honest, i'm fine with it if they are really dating as long as Jiyong is happy but why post it and delete it after?? It smells fishy"

"GET A LIFE, Please."

What are your thoughts on Jooyeon's recent Instagram activity? 

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Flower_girl191 pts Thursday, May 30, 2019 0
Thursday, May 30, 2019

wow! wrong timing!



Siri1235,725 pts Thursday, May 30, 2019 0
Thursday, May 30, 2019

I absolutely agree with the netizens



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