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Alex Williamson continues to exhibit racism towards BTS and Asian cultures + refuses to take accountability or apologize


Some people apologize after making mistakes. Other people continue to dig themselves into their graves by proving their ignorance and racism to the world.

Alex Williamson, a host on Australian TV Show '20 to One' has shown to the world that he has no shame or guilt for his skewed views of the world. Although he came to light for his disrespectful comments towards BTS, Williamson is continuing to show that his biggest problems have to do with his racist tendencies.

Williamson has not only refused to apologize for his comments but is continuing to anger and provoke people with incredibly rude and profanity-filled barbs. He made a particularly vulgar tweet recently regarding soccer player Song Heung Min in response to the ongoing controversy. 

Alex Williamson seems to find it amusing and funny that he has brought upon himself the rage of BTS fans across the globe. But what he fails to realize is that his ongoing attempts at making himself a victim displays utter ignorance to the real issue surrounding all of this. 

Alex Williamson made a number of problematic comments that demonstrated that he has bigger issues than an angry fandom. He states that he appreciates people of "all cultures" and appreciates "successful Asian men & women doing something genuinely important in the field of science and medicine.

For the record, all the "successful Asian men and women" in the STEM fields around the world probably couldn't care less for the support of an openly racist man who stated that "when I first heard something Korean in America had exploded, I got worried." This is the same person who posted a disrespectful photo on his Instagram offering a cigarette to a statue of a sacred Hindu god. 

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Even God won’t smoke menthol #Bali

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What Williamson and his show (who gave a half-hearted apology that pretty much stated "we're not sorry but we're sorry you got offended") fail to realize is that K-pop is Korea's biggest export that has led to a definite increase and support of Asians in Western media. BTS, whether you like them or hate them, has a marked influence on global culture and has made a worldwide impact on their songs and message. And it's clear that BTS isn't their only issue. The show was previously under fire for trying to falsely report that drugs were found in BLACKPINK's dressing room. 

There's a major difference between having a problem with boy bands and being a disrespectful and trashy towards a successful boy group who is only trying to better the world around them and an entire country in the hopes of winning five seconds of fame. 

Williamson and '20 to One' have not only offended ARMY but native Koreans as well to the point where Korean news outlets are reporting on this issue and calling the show's insincere apology and the comedian's continuous classless remarks. This controversy has brought to light multiple instances of the show and the comedian's problematic and racist tendencies towards Asian cultures. This issue is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Although it is unfortunate and discouraging to see such shows such as '20 to One' fail to be accountable for such derogatory and problematic actions, as Michelle Obama aptly stated in the past, "when they go low, we go high." Although Williamson may have his spotlight now, as time passes, he will only be forgotten due to his lack of any positive contribution to society while the legacy of Korean pop music and culture will continue to have a lasting effect on the world.

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borahae5,037 pts Friday, June 21, 2019 9
Friday, June 21, 2019

since we need to fall to Alex's humor level of childish insults, I'd like to point out dem man titties seem to indicate estrogen increase in Alex's body that can be causing all of the emotional problems a manly man like him would not know how to deal with so he is trying to rebuild testosterone levels by attacking other more successful and talented males.


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Indigo_Palmyra1,570 pts Friday, June 21, 2019 1
Friday, June 21, 2019

These things are such a Catch 22. History tells us we must call out racism, xenophobia, ethnocentrism when we see it because "silence becomes violence". However, this guy is a complete nobody and, for all the negative attention he's received, the other deplorable folk now have another vanguard. Many fandoms have shown the type of bloke he is. Let us allow him once again to settle into obscurity.


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