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Posted by Hannah-Lee Friday, May 3, 2019

Powerful and emotional BTS lyrics


BTS has gained international fame for their music, especially for their deep and meaningful lyrics. The members address issues that aren’t commonly discussed, making their lyrics all the more relatable for fans. Check out these extremely powerful and moving BTS lyrics.

BTS - “Sea”

With foolish hope that tomorrow will be different before we fell asleep

We saw the mirage in the desert but we couldn’t grasp it

Praying that we’ll remain in this desert till the end

Praying that this isn’t truly our reality

BTS - “Whalien 52”

Of course, I don’t care what‘s the matter or what I’ve now become

When loneliness is the only thing that stays by my side

I’ve become completely alone. It's a lock that fills sadness

BTS - “Epiphany”

I’m the one I should love in this world

Shining me, precious soul of mine

I finally realized so I love me

Not so perfect but so beautiful

I’m the one I should love

BTS - “Magic Shop”

I always want to be the best

So I was impatient and always restless

Comparing myself with others became my daily life

My greed that was my weapon suffocated me and also became a leash

BTS - “Spring Day”

I try to exhale you in pain

Like smoke, like white smoke

I say that I’ll erase you

But I can’t really let you go yet

BTS - “The Truth Untold”

Bloomed in a garden of loneliness

A flower that resembles you

I wanted to give it to you

After I take off this foolish mask

BTS - “134340”

If only I could, I wanted to ask you

Why did you do that back then? Why did you kick me out?

Without a name to myself, I still revolve around you

Our goodbye is colorless, that unchanging color

BTS - “Run”

But it’s no use, it’s a dream to be broken

I run and run, but I’m not getting anywhere

Just burn me out, yes

BTS - “I’m Fine”

Even if I’m in an endless dream

Even if I’m endlessly crumpled

Even if my wings are torn

Even if some day, I’m not me anymore

It’s alright, only I am my own salvation

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HSK5,122 pts Friday, May 3, 2019 1
Friday, May 3, 2019

Don't forget "Tomorrow"! One of their waaay older songs, but still...


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Indigo_Palmyra1,586 pts Friday, May 3, 2019 0
Friday, May 3, 2019

Beautiful! Just about every BTS song has something of poetry, allusion, or narrative that can transfix listeners. Even hype bangers like Not Today or Idol wind up dropping Dr. King quotes or references to Rumi. They've truly captured my heart like no other.



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