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Fans heavily criticized for entering NCT 127's tour bus without their consent


Several fans are under fire for entering NCT 127's tour bus. 

A video of fans touching NCT 127's belongings, and even making their beds in their tour bus has become a controversial issue. These fans were reportedly allowed into NCT 127's tour bus by the bus driver. 

These fans received heavy criticism for invading NCT 127's privacy. The controversial video has been taken down shortly after but continued to create an issue online. 

One of the fans who were allegedly on the bus spoke up on the controversy, and tweeted, 

"Okay I would like to clear things up. No, I did not break into the bus or bribe the driver. He let us in. I didn't post this for clout or attention. I just wanted to thank the bus driver for the magnificent opportunity. I'm sorry if I upset anyone. I did not mean to invade their privacy or try to be weird. I just wanted to share this really cool experience. I should have thought before posting it. I didn't realize, I was just excited. I'm sorry for this. I didn't mean to hurt anyone."

The fan later added, "I've realized that I apologized to NCTzens but I did not to NCT. I would like to apologize to them for invading their privacy and for going inside their tour bus without their consent. I shouldn't have done it. I realized my mistakes."

Hours after apologizing, the fan stirred up an issue again by jokingly tweeting, "Who's tour bus should I break into next??"

Meanwhile, NCT 127 is currently on their first North American tour. 

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borahae5,098 pts Monday, May 6, 2019 6
Monday, May 6, 2019

let's play it the other way and let some random stalker come into your apartment while your neighbor lets them in since neighbor seems to be on the same level of "that's not my shit so I should not decide" as a driver. he is just gonna touch everything, make your bed and won't steal a thing (maybe). he just wants to share that cool experience of being a complete creep!


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Siri1234,388 pts Monday, May 6, 2019 0
Monday, May 6, 2019

This is disturbing. Even if the bus driver let you in how can you not realize that you are envading someones privacy and that it is wrong? Also what the fuck is wrong with the bus driver? Seriously how the fuck can he just let anyone get in the bus like that.



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