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Best kpop female leaders


Hi there if there wasn't leaders ,how would a group stay in shape and how would a group would survive without having any leaders.

helllo everyone and this is my Orginal content article on Kpop most influential   female leaders . ( I'm  talking the 2nd generation  of kpop but I  try to add in some 3rd generation  as well.)

Afterschool former leader -Kahi 

If Afterschool didnt have Kahi, where afterschool would be . I Find Kahi was of the most hardworking leaders today, she basically shape and mold Afterschool .If it wasn't for her strong effort to keep afterschool for where they are today, nobody  won't  even pay attention . After transistioning to a backup dancer and to leader of the one most popular  girl group ,I mean come on .Thats what I called achievements right .


I really do appreciate  Solji hardwork and effort to be in Exid .I mean her vocals are off the train blew my pants off with her stability  when it comes to performing ,even after her health scare and two year hiatus .She still slays whenever she goes and is hardworking ,from being Exid's vocal  trainer to being a leader of the most Iconic girl girl its just God's way of saying you made it .She also treats the members  with respect  and be there to take care of them like a mother .

Wonder girls former leader - Sunye 

Sunye is one leader that I will respect  with gratitude  after dealing with lineup changes and constant dance rehearsals and having to practice  english to tour with the jonas brothers thats actually  amazing . Although she's not apart of Wonder girls anymore , We will always cherish her amazing vocal  and strong leadership qualities. 

Girls day Sojin

Sojin has been a member  and leader for girl group Girls day since debuted . She has been very helpful  and good to the younger  ones ever since . She acts like a mom of the group and take cares all the members. 😊😊Now thats what I called a true leader.

Nines Muses former leader Sera

Sera to me is one of kind she really is the true definition  of hard working leader 

Even though she receiving bad treatment a from her boss at star empire ,and got scolded when she tries to comfort members and one of them left without  saying a word.

In the Nine Muses  documentary  you can how hard Sera had worked because  she was the leader. I hope many continue to support  Sera in her solo career and continue  to carry Nine  Muses legacy.

Sistar 'Hyolyn 

Hyolyn is a great leader one she works hard , takes her of members and is loving to a fault. Members would she look tough on the outside  but have a sweet heart .

She's  not a only a great leader but a great persons .She make sure take cares of her fans and members with one love .Love animals especially  Cats and Dogs.

Hugs her fans , liked kids and babies so her members  state.

Soyou and Bora once explain on mbc radio that they were once jelly of Dasom and Hyolyn Omma and Daughter relationship.

G-Idle Soyeon

Sooyeon from G-idle shes a very diligent  and is a great leader . She produces and write songs for her group , she's very caring person and is a charismatic leader .

Apink Chorong

Apink Chorong has been Apink leader since debut for over 9 years and over that 9 years she was great leader to all her members  ,by giving them positive vibes ,taking care of them and always make them laugh whenever they're down.

  1. After School
  2. Sera
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Saturday, March 23, 2019

This article is terrible


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Saturday, March 23, 2019

I dont know why people think Kahi was such a great leader when she quit after only 3 years and threw After School under the bus saying they all bullied her.


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