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ZGIRLS debut MV for "What you waiting for" reaches 1Million views on the day of their debut.

Z-Girlsis a girl group under the company Zenith Media Contents (ZMC). Their goal is to make K-Pop global by creating a group with global stars, from several different Asian countries. The group currently has seven members: Carlyn, Mahiro, Bell, Joanne, Priyanka, Vanya, and Queen.

They debut on 23rd February with their debut song "What you waiting for". The MV was uploaded on the 22nd February and it reached a million views on the day of their debut. The MV which has been uploaded on ZPOP dreams official youtube channel and Genie Music's youtube channel has over 1.1 million and over 570k views.

Check out the MV below.

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    enzoa272 pts Saturday, February 23, 2019 10
    Saturday, February 23, 2019

    "Their goal is to make K-Pop global"

    And the recipe for this is: no korean language, no koreans, generic western pop sound.

    Isn't it just POP without the K then? 😁 Dazed and confused?

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    ana_martins1,020 pts Saturday, February 23, 2019 9
    Saturday, February 23, 2019

    no offense but until they start singing in korean they'll never be a kpop group but more like a group that is using kpop term to try to promote themselves. it was a bad move from their company doing their debut in english. maybe if they release 2 version: one in english and another in korean could had beeen a better ideia than saying that they are a kpop group "that have a goal of making K-Pop global" BUT NOT SINGING IN THE LANGUAGE OF WHAT THEY WANT TO PROMOTE GLOBALLY. it seems quite hipocrite

    This kinda give me a chad future's vibe and how he was using kpop fame to promote himself while he refuse to learn and sing in korean. and he called what he was doing of A-Kpop (the most stupid thing i even heard on my live. like bro kpop is not even original in the 1st place. It is already a mix of western/american pop and jpop. is like if was saying is that he is doing is a mix of american pop with american pop and jpop)

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