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Seungri's father addresses the controversy surrounding his son's involvement with club 'Burning Sun'


Following his younger sister's SNS activity to speak up in his defense, Big Bang member Seungri's father also took part in an interview with TV Report on February 2 to reveal his perspective. 

Seungri's father told the media outlet, "Seungri does not operate the club. It's disappointing that people want to blame Seungri because he's a celebrity. [Watching the events unfold] is very painful." 

Mr. Lee also relayed, "I talked with Seungri over the phone today. His voice sounded determined. He plans on addressing the media either today or tomorrow."

Finally, Mr. Lee stated, "Seungri has resigned from his directorial position at 'Burning Sun'. He is currently in the process of resigning from his positions, such as 'Aori Ramen'. Because he must enlist in the military." 

Currently, club 'Burning Sun' is under investigation for violence, suspicions of illegal drug distribution, sexual harassment conflicts, and more. 

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LionDeer0 pt Saturday, February 2, 2019 5
Saturday, February 2, 2019

I cant believe how stupid commenters have become. There are 5 things to consider here:

1. Who is Seungri & his relationship to Burning Sun? Seungri’s a celebrity & he most likely invests in Burning Sun in full confidence of its operating business, in hopes for monetary returns. Investing means he CAN have say over operations but he DOESNT.

2. What is his obligatory job at Burning Sun? He is supposedly under the title of a Director. - UH, does someone at Burning Sun want to reveal his contract? His contract can have ANY terms. He could dead ass have that title, and do nothing. Mind you, directors anywhere generally don’t need to do work. They’ve got their monkeys to work for them. Why else are they directors? They grinded that shit for time. Seungri did the same - idol life, ramen, DJ, dance school, YGX CEO, bar, Burning Sun, all his scammed losses.

3. Why did he react the way he did? Quit. Let me tell you a common business attitude of business people. You invest in something because you’ve got faith in it. Burning Sun is a celebrity playground. That club makes shitload of money. Seungri could have had many thought processes: 1, all clubs do drugs. 2, this club does drugs?? 3, my ramen business makes more money let me tend to that instead. 4, I’ve got a concert bitchess. Lemme remember 200 song lyrics and learn some new jokes. Of course the moment you hear bad news, quit that fucker. It’s 1 of many of his endeavors. Have you heard of the long term female patient who got raped in a hospital/nursing care, gave birth, situation blew up, CEO resigned? CEOs or any director/leader - you have 2 options. Weather the motherfucker. Quit. Many variables play into this. As someone just investing, you quit. Would you keep investing in apple stocks if you lost faith in it? What? You gonna ride out the media shitstorm when it’s about to go bankrupt? Let me give a better example. Will you keep your faith and invest In Lehman Brothers when it went from a Top 5 investment bank to a penny stock? When the housing bubble burst? When companies have been acquired and bankrupting for a full year? Wen EVERRYWHERE there is news of a recession? Thats Seungri. Why did he ask the media situation? He’s a fucking businessman. A fucking CEO. Not just a fucking celebrity. If that shit spins off, does ANYONE want to get involved? If he had a role, there would be news of his involvement IMMEDIATELY.

4. How did he approach the situation? He quit the day of. He was at the investigation. Have you heard of Buzzfeed’s recent 15% lay-off? What happens when a company, even a mini private company, gets into trouble? All hands on deck. Shareholders and CEO first. All other employees next. You should see where Seungri falls into this. He has a part because he has a title at Burning Sun. It doesn’t mean he knows everything. Fuck, Buzzfeed DOESNT even know what the hell is happening while it’s top personas are fired. Do you know what’s happening if you’re a student and your president of university has embezzled money? NO. My college had bunch of scandals. We all got involved in some way - news on what’s happening. Opinion sessions. Town halls.

5. Military service. Mind you, when SK drafts you, you’re drafted. You might have some time to choose when within a time frame but that’s it boy. BTS is transforming the scene of asian culture in white-dominated media. Even they haven’t gotten exempt from military service. No one chooses unless you go early.

Can’t believe I need to say all this. I’m not a fan of Kpop. Seungri. I do love their talent, hard work, dedication, even how smart some idols are. Stop stripping a celebrity’s hard work, talent, dedication, smart from them over something indirectly related to them. You want that to happen to you?


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flower_road0 pt Saturday, February 2, 2019 4
Saturday, February 2, 2019


NEW CASE: stalker BS employee

- the stalker was an employee at BS

- he violently stalked a female coworker and threatened her / damaged her car

- when she did not respond, he quit his job at BS

- sometime after that, he contacted Kim by KKT and gave him the misleading CCTV footage of the drunk female customer and told him the fake story of her being drugged and dragged away

- in this conversation: he seems to make a deal with Kim telling him (Kim) can ruin BS with this video; he is visibly angry and threatens Kim as well before sending the following texts to him: "understand the situation", "through you i'm planning on ruining all of you", "with seungri's name", "don't ignore me, hm?"


- Kim's allegations about a woman being drugged and raped are false

- this defamation against Seungri seems to be have been planned by a BS ex-employee because he was rejected by a girl

- the special crime squad is currently investigating BS regarding marijuana and other drugs


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