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Female victim defends 'Burning Sun' and says alleged witness Mr. Kim is 'fooling the nation'


The alleged victim of 'Burning Sun' has presented a new statement.

Regarding the ongoing controversy of the 'Burning Sun' incident, the female victim of an alleged case of sexual harassment has come forward with a new testimony. 

On February 2nd, a media outlet disclosed an interview with the female victim. According to her testimony, she asserted that she was initially sexually harassed by Mr. Kim, the alleged witness who has spoken up in an interview with MBC's 'News Desk'. In the program, Mr. Kim proclaimed that he had "asked security for help," because "a woman who was being sexually harassed" grabbed his shoulder and hid behind him. 

Mr. Kim's foremost claim was that he was a victim of the club organizers and the security guards, eventually leading up to his 'unjust' arrest by the police. 

However, the female victim has recently declared that "Mr. Kim is fooling the nation," that she was initially sexually harassed by the very interviewee. She asserts that Mr. Kim allegedly "tapped on her waist and hip, then kept looking at her from behind." When she tried to leave the scene, Mr. Kim had tried to grab her waist, and the club organizers "took Mr. Kim away" for causing a disruption.

She added, "Mr. Kim is causing so much damage to so many people.

The stark contrast between the female victim's allegations and Mr. Kim's statement has alarmed many netizens. Meanwhile,earlier today, Seungri apologized in a personal statement and addressed the issue on Instagram.

What do you think of this situation? Stay tuned for more information.

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Lixxz134 pts Saturday, February 2, 2019 7
Saturday, February 2, 2019

Mr Kim says one thing, the staff says something else, the victim has their own story, and so on. This is a MESS.

Besides, the initial report stated that the victim was paid to stay silent, and that police were also bribed. The video footage "proving" staff innocence is edited, unclear at times (I can't see the victim's face in the first clip, but you expect me to accept that it's the same person in the second and third clip? No.).

Drug and sex crimes are rampant in clubs all around the world. There are several people stating that assault and drug crimes are a well known problem at BS and other clubs in the area. It is not outrageous to believe that the clubs are run by people involved in organized crimes. It is not unreasonable to believe that a victim of a sex crime might be paid and threatened to keep silent or lie about what happened.

I'm not saying i know without a doubt what the truth is, just that there are a lot of questionable variables. All I'm saying is given the disaster this investigation already is and the quality of information we have, there is likely no way to say for sure what the truth is. The sources, both official and unofficial, are suspicious and have reasons to lie. Take everything you hear about this case with a grain of salt or three....

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Red123 pts Saturday, February 2, 2019 2
Saturday, February 2, 2019

SOME Knetz are alarmingly stupid, (sorry not sorry) they react in a certain situation very fast! Trying to ban bigbang, and the company? Some knetz even promoting it lol, i mean why they need to connect everything? If one gets shot, so everyone must die???? Ironic....Some peoples brain exist in their toes🙄

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