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Police and alleged witness give statement on assault at Seungri's 'Burning Sun' club


Police and an alleged witness have given statements on the reported assault of female customers at the 'Burning Sun', a club owned by Big Bang's Seungri.

Previous reports stated there have been multiple cases of physical and sexual assault at the 'Burning Sun', and the police have allegedly turned a blind eye due to bribes. Alleged witness Mr. Kim has now spoken up and a previous post on an online community he made has been brought to light. Mr. Kim wrote, "On November 24 at the Burning Sun, a woman being sexually harassed grabbed my shoulder and hid behind me. I asked security for help, but I ended up getting beat up by security guards and people who seemed to be their friends." He further alleged he was taken to the police station, where he was again assaulted by police. Mr. Kim is said to have suffered injuries to his face and stomach, including 3 broken ribs.

In an interview with MBC's 'News Desk', Mr. Kim claimed, "One person [Mr. Jang] took the lead to beat me and security helped him. It was incredibly shameful. Everyone was watching me." When the incident was reported to police, they spoke to a club employee and proceeded to handcuff Mr. Kim, who was ultimately written up for assault and sexual harassment as well as obstruction of business. He further alleged the police did not bother to search the club or look at CCTV.

On January 29, the Seoul Metropolitan Police gave an official statement, saying, "When we arrived, Mr. Kim was overly emotional and refused to give his personal information. We were attempting to verify the report he had assaulted security and caused a disturbance, but Mr. Kim continued causing a commotion. This is why he was arrested for obstruction of business and other reasons. We've secured evidence, including CCTV footage of the area, and we're currently looking through it. We've also called in Mr. Jang to investigate... We'll investigate carefully and thoroughly so that no one is falsely accused."

Mr. Kim has also posted a government petition online at the Blue House website, and it's currently acquired over 90,000 signatures. Stay tuned for updates.

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Wow, this is so messed up! And I feel so bad for this "Mr. Kim" for ending up like this. He wanted to help the woman and I respect that so much..



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