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Past 'Legendary 1st-gen idol dating reveal that made fans bawl' garners attention, netizens ask 'WWYD?'


A few days after the big, annual "new year dating news" drop courtesy of 'Dispatch', some K-Pop fans are still coming to terms with the facts while others are asking themselves, "What would I do if this were my favorite idol?"

There's one huge scandal from 2003 which is coming to attention again in light of the recent dating news, the so-called "Legendary 1st-generation idol dating reveal that made fans bawl".

If you weren't able to recognize the 1st-generation idol group above, it is none other than 7-member boy group Click B (who became 4-members by 2003), produced under DSP Media. The event took place in July of 2003, during Click B's solo concert at Jang Choong Gymnasium. 

After performing a series of their hit songs, the concert moved on to a talk time with the Click B members. That was when member Oh Jong Hyuk suddenly stated, "In truth, my girlfriend is here today."

Click B member Oh Jong Hyuk's girlfriend at the time, rookie actress Lee Da Hee, was in fact seated in the audience during the concert. At first, fans thought the idol was simply joking. However, the stage lights then went as far as to shine a light on Lee Da Hee. Oh Jong Hyuk then added on, "This is the woman that I love." 

Oh Jong Hyuk's girlfriend at the time, Lee Da Hee, shed tears due to the "romantic" event put on by her boyfriend; however, a huge slew of fans suffered from mental breakdowns as a result of this bold public dating reveal. Many fans who were on site at the concert left the event crying.

Logistically, Click B's promotions more or less came to an end in 2003, with their 4th album 'Cowboy'. Oh Jong Hyuk's dating reveal with actress Lee Da Hee was by far the sole contributor to Click B's decrease in popularity, as the members also faced accounts of drunk driving, contract expirations, preferential solo activities, etc. 

Netizens are wondering what would happen if a currently promoting K-Pop idol were to pull such a "romantic" event during a concert now. Some commented, "A nightmare...", "That's the biggest case of fan mockery I've ever heard of", "I'm seriously shocked something like that happened", "I think this was only possible because it was in the early 2000s... it would be highly unacceptable now", "If I were a fan, I would feel like I paid to be used for a romantic event", "If that were me, I'd need a 100% refund", "If this happened now, it would be literally chaos", and more.

Are you familiar with this "legendary dating reveal"?

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keylover0923497 pts Thursday, January 3, 2019 16
Thursday, January 3, 2019

Imagine being so possessive that you consider this "a mockery". You're a fan because you like them and you pay money to see them sing NOT to trick yourself into believing you're their girlfriend. This is ridiculous and until fans stop adopting this mindset, idols will never be able to date comfortably.


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idolovekpop12 pts Thursday, January 3, 2019 0
Thursday, January 3, 2019

Tbh it would only be an awful situation if idols did this nowadays because the fans close to the idol’s girlfriend would probably kick her right at the spot. It is absolutely disgusting the fact that fans dislike and mistreat the people that their own idols love. If I were to be an idol the thing that I would hate the most would be people badmouthing the person that makes me happy and that I love. How can someone as a fan not support her/his own idol? It might be shocking to see the person you like so much in love with someone but as a fan you must guve support to your idol if you really like him. If the mentioned situation that happened in 2003 were to happen and I was there, I would applaud and cry along because of its cuteness. Fans nowadays and at that time have really lost their minds...



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