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Posted by MeAnotherself1,370 pts Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CoCoSoRi dealing with internal problems


Before I start, please realise this is only one side of the story. I actually deleted this article before, because people were very quick to jump to conclusions and it led to hate messages directed at one of the members. The public doesn't know what exactly is true and what is false. Only MOLE Entertainment, Coco and Sori know.

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Most people probably haven't heard, including some of their fans, but CoCoSoRi has had some internal problems.

On November 23, Coco talked about how the company had been treating her and her fellow member Sori different from one another with their solo promotions in a Twitch live stream. She started telling her story after watching her music video during the stream, when asked how long it took to learn the dance. She explained it had taken her two days to learn the dance, but to practice she got a week, because her company rushed her.

"They rushed me and I thought, like, they were just so excited to get my album out, like, fast, but the only reason why they rushed me was, they wanted to promote my other member right after me."

For a little bit, it seemed like she would leave it that and would continue her stream, but after she finished watching her music video, she went deeper into the subject after being asked if she missed promoting with Sori. She confirmed she did miss promoting with her fellow member. She stated they used to get a long really well with each other and that they had amazing teamwork. She went on to state that Sori had told her she didn't want to promote as CoCoSoRi anymore and wanted to go into acting, and that she understood, so she continued making music on her own.

She then expressed being upset over not being told about Sori's solo debut.

"Iit just happened like that. And even if it's like the company's decision to prevent her from, you know, doing acting and all that, I thought that she could have at least let me know that she was doing a solo, but she did not and I had to find out the same way as everyone else found out. (...) I literally found out when she posted the Youtube video."

She then went into how the company treated her different from Sori when preparing for the solos.

"I thought my company said they were broke. They didn't have money to support me, so I had to do a kickstarter, I had to ask all my close friends to do everything. But it was because they were preparing for hers. And they even raised a kickstarter for her, but they shouldn't have because they put in, like, triple or quadripple the money they raised on the kickstarter (Makestar) for her. For example, we raised the same amount of like $20K. My production was limited to the $20K. I couldn't max out over it, or they would tell me like 'No, we don't have money for that. We only have $20K'. They kept telling me that, so I did all the adjustments. (...) And then, I got everything under $20K and was like, so proud of myself. I was like 'Dang, I can do this! I could do this without a company. I can raise money and I can release music', you know? But then, yeah, I found out later it's because they were putting all their other money to hers. Her music video was shot by a really famous producer called Zanybros. They made a full set for her music video. And I found this all through, like, her releases. (...) I didn't even know what was going on, because they didn't tell me anything."

She did speculate as to why this was done behind her back.

"Maybe they knew that I wouldn't be okay with the concept that they wanted to do, but originally CoCoSoRi was supposed to be a childfriendly concept. (...) So, I think they just wanted to go a different route."

She ended the conversation her subject by revealing she wasn't going to renew her contract with Mole Entertainment when her contract ends in one and a half year, since they weren't doing anything for her, not even giving her classes, and that she would most likely become an independent artist, since this process has learned she can do it on her own and because she is a bit afraid of companies now.

Some fans are expressing their disapproval regarding the way Coco was treated by their company, while other fans are saying Coco should not be so greedy and just accept that more money went to Sori, since she made it into the debut line-up of two shows and Coco herself had the same amount of opportunities, but didn't make it, plus already having had her solo debut. Some fans are right out shading the members and other fans.

On the 11th of December, MOLE Entertainment released a statement regarding the issue.

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expatmoi0 pt Tuesday, December 4, 2018 0
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Man...if what Coco is saying is true, I feel so bad for her...



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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It's bad enough when you're in a group of 7 or 9, and you feel left out compared to the attention the other members get, but when you're in a DUO and you're shunned (assuming what Coco is saying is true), then that really sucks. Plus, she has one and a half more years before her contract ends with Mole, meaning things are going to be really awkward between her and Sori, as well as her company, until then.



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