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Kim Hyun Joong answers a question about his son during 'When Time Stopped' press conference

Kim Hyun Joong

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong attended the press conference for his upcoming KBS-World drama 'When Time Stopped' on October 23. 

Despite the event being held in light of the premiere of 'When Time Stopped, the singer/actor was then directed a question about his son. Kim Hyun Joong sincerely answered with, "I am sorry to the other actors and staff for such a question, when we are here to promote our drama production. However, I will try to answer honestly. Currently, I'm still in a situation where I cannot see the child. I do not know what the right thing is. Nonetheless, I believe I must do my best in my own place. For that child. This is all I can say in response. Whatever more I say can be hurtful to that child, so I will preserve my words. Because right now, I cannot see him."

Upon the press's request, Kim Hyun Joong further addressed his 4-year hiatus, and his decision to return to the entertainment industry. "After being discharged from the military, I was forced to accept so many different things happening around me, and I was shocked. There were issues and cases. I spent some time feeling lonely. I did not go outside. I debated whether or not I lived a failed life. When I began pondering how to become happy again, I heard some good things. When I opened my ears to listen, people told me, 'Have strength'. That's why I decided that I should start over again with dramas, and with music. These days, I am living hoping that each day will be a happy day. There may not be a farther future, so I am living joyfully with the mindset to just live for today," he shared. 

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teleri2,795 pts Tuesday, October 23, 2018 15
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

So happy about his drama :D So furious he's not been able to see his child, and I truly wish reporters would stop harassing him. Choi Hye Mi lost ALL her court cases and appeals, admitted she lied and apologized for it. She's proven trash.


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KHJUSAfan830 pts Tuesday, October 23, 2018 5
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

This kind of thing is trash journalism. the event was about the drama. do a seperate piece for his personal issues if you really must so that it can be covered clearly and not fraught with ambiguity just to get a racey headline. properly report how Choi Hye Mi dropped the paternity case before judge could issue ruling from the sealed lab report and how the was counter suing her custody/support case for full custody of the child showing he was ready to take full responcibility for child...


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