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A Pink's Hayoung and Chorong race against each other on 'Battle Trip'

Chorong, Hayoung
A Pink's Chorong and Hayoung raced against each other on an F1 circuit. 

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For KBS' 'Battle Trip' this week, Chorong and Hayoung traveled all the way to Taiwan. While there, the two visited many popular attractions, including an F1 circuit. They got ready to race against each other and decided put their lunch bill on the line. Even though Hayoung does not have a driver license or any experience with driving, she was confident she would take the win over Chorong.

Hayoung sped up right from the beginning and was absolutely dominant for the majority of the race. Because she was going too fast, however, she ended up crashing into the guardrail causing Chorong to overtake the race in the last moment and her coming out victorious.

Check out the clip below.

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