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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, November 2, 2017

TWICE's Funniest Moments

1. That time they tried to do yoga!
For a group of such talented dancers, not all the girls of TWICE are as flexible as they seem! In this video, we see the girls attempting to get some relaxation in by doing some yoga, however, things don't always go as planned for some of the members! Surprisingly, Momo, the group's most flexible member can't do a lot of the poses and Dahyun and Mina are actually the ones who are most bendy and spry!
2. That time Tzuyu trolled Mina and a very scared Dahyun!
When faced with a thrill walk from extremely high up, some of the girls of TWICE put on a brave face and did it without a problem. Others, however, begged their way out of it! We challenge you to watch this video without cracking a smile!
3. That time they tried to play the Swiss Alpenhorn!
With puffy cheeks, the girls of TWICE attempted to play the humongous Swiss Alpenhorn during their time in Switzerland! Some girls nailed it on the first try, while others winded themselves trying! Some members didn't even get the noise to come out and just painstakingly attempted to blow into the horn!
4. Every time Sana makes her special noises!
Sana is known as one of the most hyper and bubbly members of the group! Her perky personality and constant aegyo have been captured time and time again by fan compilations! This video is a cute and adorable compilation of some of her funniest noises when she is hyper! Netizens even commented on the video saying they wanted a Sana doll that had these noises built in!
5. That time Momo and Chaeyoung formed an impromptu sub-unit!
Momo and Chaeyoung decided to dance a silly impromptu dance as a 'TWICE sub-unit'! This clip, a part of their photobook, is a hilarious look into their cute personalities! Momo and Chaeyoung show us again that TWICE has a sisterly dynamic like no other!
6. That time Momo pranked the members!
There's a reason why mischievous and Momo start with the same letter! With members flipping out and some even shouting back at the 'ghost' in an attempt to fight back, Momo is off to the side laughing to herself! We can't blame her! We're laughing too!
7. That time they dressed up as characters from Sailor Moon!
With Halloween just passing by, this Sailor Moon inspired SNL video is a hilarious cover that TWICE did! It seems like this cute, yet appropriate video for them was a hit, as fans from all over the world gathered on the web to comment on how cute the girls looked in their sailor scout uniforms! We love the little rendition of TT at the end as well!
8. That time they got pranked while sleeping!
Regardless of how many times you watch this, every time Dahyun's face pops up with all those markings and brand new member-created double eyelids, a bout of laughter ought to come out! Despite the pranking, all the members maintain their gorgeous looks! Another reason to love these adorable girls!
9. The time they sang OOH AHH with HELIUM!
The girls already have incredible vocal range, but with helium, any note is reachable! Dahyun is particularly hilarious because once she starts inhaling the helium, it's as if she can't stop! Watching them sing in such high-pitched voices is gut-busting!
What are your favorite funny TWICE moments?
TWICE gives us so many reasons to love them! Tell us below what your favorite moments are!

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