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[Interview] Block B answers your questions about their favorite girl group, tattoos, and more!

Block B

Block Bis here with the answers to your questions!

In light of the group's hot comeback with new album 'Montage' and title track "Shall We Dance", allkpopprepared an exclusive chance for the fans to ask anything and everything to the boy group.

The 7 members took the time to look over the interesting questions and also provided some interesting answers!

Check out what Block B have to say and see if your questions were answered!

Block B: Our title song "Shall We Dance"

Zico: Through myself. I received inspiration on my own.

BB: The best part was that we got to meet and communicate with our fans for the first time in a while. It was great because we feel like we received energy from them. And the worst part, there aren't any. Everything was just great.

BB:I've rewatched the movie 'If Only' recently and now often listening to "Love Will Show You Everything".

BB:Producing a song depends on the song. As for the dance, it usually takes about a week.

BB: We believe you can see how we are different when you watch our performance.

BB: A rich dolyeonnim(a young master)

BB: "Shall We Dance" MV which is the most recent MV we have filmed. We filmed it when the weather suddenly got cold but we enjoyed filming and had fun with the dancers, so it's the most memorable.


BB: The Favorite word is 'enjoy'. The word we hate is 'difficult'.

BB: I want to receive time with my friends at a place filled with Christmas spirit like the ones you seeon the TV.

BB: We watch TV or exercise.

BB: Um... About the same.

Park Kyung: I thought about what fun kind of fun things will be coming my way today.

BB: B-Bomb... He takes like an hour...

Park Kyung: Brother Su. It was the first time I've had a duet with a male singer and we had great chemistry.

Taeil: It's not a dragon. It's actually a gorilla.

B-Bomb: I tend to like the natural color. But I do want to try dying my hair in a bright color.

U-Kwon:Zico (best) - He might lack dance skills but he's excellent at creating a performance. P.O. (worst) - He lacks talent in dancing.

Zico: I think that would be difficult. There are too many members and the directions (we want to take) are different.

Not Taeil but Park Kyung: I like it because it tends to fit well with our new song and concept, and I'm also happy because the fans had hot reactions to it.

BB: Wanna One

BB: Best = Kyung and Worst = B-Bomb

BB: Most recently we've hung out at Zico's house.

BB: Secret

BB: Meet friends or take time to deeply think about why I'm not in a good mood.

BB: Absolute

BB: We can say they are our everything.

BB: To the international fans who love Block B, we're able to continue making good music and good performance thanks to your support. We will work hard to live up to your expectations. We hope there will be more opportunities for us to meet, and we will be looking forward to and working hard for that day.

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