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Producing duo GroovyRoom discuss their origin story and collabs with other artists

Lit producing duo GroovyRoom recently sat down for an exclusive interview with HuffingtonPost Korea to discuss their unique story and how they had the opportunity to work with numerous artists.

Though they're behind hit tracks like
Dok2's "Ambition and Vision", Gary's "Get Some Air", Heize's "Don't Know You", and Dynamic Duo's "How You Doin'?" feat. DEAN, it wasn't an easy ride for GroovyRoom to get to where they are now.  They started off by making their name known in the streets and handing out sample tracks.

Speaking of which, GroovyRoom has an impressive collection of tracks, more than 60 have been released. They successfully launched their 1st album 'Everywhere' recently.

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Q: How did you begin producing?

Hwimin: I first started in my third year of high school.  I originally wanted to become a reporter.  I wanted to know people's inner feelings... Since I liked music ever since I was little, I decided to give it shot.

Gyujeong: I also began making MIDIs around my first year of high school and third year of junior high.

Q: There are so many genres in music, what made you decide on producing?

Hwimin: When I watched '2NE1 TV' producers Teddy and Kush, they looked really cool.  I also was interested in hip-hop and music in general and found it fascinating to be able to be in the same studio with artists like Timbaland and Pharrell.

Gyujeong: I began playing the piano when I five years old.  I stuck with music for quite some time and created my own for the first time during junior high school, which sparked my interest.

Q: How did you come to work together?

Gyujeong: We worked separately under the same company at first.

Hwimin: I was working with a rapper that time, and received a song request. That's when I thought of Gyujeong.

Q: There is a stage when you have to erase your own work. Do you experience any troubles during that time?

Hwimin: When we were creating Heize's "Don't Know You", things got really intense.  Both us and Heize had different views on what to record.  After going back and forth, we decided to split our parts into two.  As a result, the song came out really good.

Q: What is the reason behind the name 'GroovyRoom'?

Hwimin: We couldn't think of a name for about a month, and I think Gyujeong had enough.

Gyujeong: So as a joke, I said, 'You wanna just do that? GroovyRoom?' Then he said he liked it all of a sudden.

Hwimin: I've always had this fantasy about a 'room.'  I had big dreams of owning my own space, studio, or working area as a child.

Q: How did you come in contact with all of these artists in the beginning?

Hwimin: We just tried to get our name out there as much as possible.

Gyujeong: There was a lot of word of mouth going on, but we didn't release anything at that time.  Since we had a long producing history, everything just fell into place with a bang.

Q: What kind of music style would you like to pursue?

Gyujeong: To be honest, we don't really have a particular style.

Hwimin: From a small perspective, we have our own style.  But from a large point of view, not quite so.  It's like that with our album. There's just so many things we want to accomplish.

Q: What kind of feedback did you receive from Jay Park on your new album?

Hwimin: We were worried once the album was released.  We wanted to hear things like 'One or two songs were good', but that's all that we really heard.  Jay Park mentioned, 'Hey, think about what you guys went through two years ago. Be thankful.'"

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