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[Drama Review] 'W' - Episode 14

By jubilantj   Monday, September 12, 2016   58,042   5,474   3



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I think everyone had a WTF moment after they watched the 14th episode of 'W'. 

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There's been some sort of mixup if I'm not mistaken. We all thought Yeon Joo was dead, and that was pretty much the whole premise of this episode. Chul scrambles to save a presumably "dead" Yeon Joo, Oh Seong Moo despairs over the fact that he shot his own daughter, and Soo Bong is his usual frazzled self, possibly even more so in this episode and for good reason. Sometimes, I just want to take Soo Bong gently into my embrace and assure him that everything will be okay. 

"Are you seriously telling me that my wife whom I met a couple days ago might be dead?" 

But the modus operandi to bring Yeon Joo back to life wasn't even the climax of the episode. Frankly, I didn't feel the urgency that the episode was supposed to make us feel because I knew deep down in my gut that Yeon Joo wouldn't die. What a total gip that would be to kill off the main female lead -- especially for a popular drama like 'W'. Viewers would be outraged. Probably even more outraged than they were with the ending of 'Uncontrollably Fond.' So yeah, as the whole hour and something-long episode played before my eyes, I wasn't gripping the edge of my seat and praying to the heavens to give Yeon Joo another chance. And as I suspected, Yeon Joo did live. Buuut probably at the expense of her father and Chul. 

Oh Seong Moo doesn't know whether he should love or hate Chul, and honestly, I feel that way, too. 

The bigger problem is that Yeon Joo is now trapped in the webtoon world forever(?). At the end of the episode, the words "Final Chapter" generate, making us wonder whether she will really get the happy ending with Chul that we all want. It's a little ambiguous at this both Chul and Oh Seong Moo are now flickering in and out of existence. Everything is just so skewed and messed up that you, as a viewer, start getting a bit panicky...and possibly a bit frustrated at the direction that the drama is heading in.

Now, just waiting patiently for Han Cheol Ho's demise...

The webtoon is still doing whatever it wants, possessing a mind of its own or possibly being written and controlled by some other being. If the webtoon's seemingly random rules dictate that only a creator of the story's character hold control over that character's fate (to an extent), then I don't see how Oh Seong Moo controlled Yeon Joo's fate in this episode. Yeon Joo's pull into the webtoon was totally random, and she wasn't "created" by anyone. Chul's will somehow called her there so that is yet another gap in the plot that doesn't make much sense. I guess all these holes provide total freedom to the viewer to interpret the drama however s/he may want; however, I expect a bit of consistency when it comes to telling a story. It can't be called a "great drama" simply because the idea/concept is novel or never been done before. 

Soo Bong is the perfect representation of how we all feel watching this drama.

In any case, now that that constructive criticism is out of the way, I do sincerely want to know the ultimate fate of Yeon Joo and Chul and Oh Seong Moo. I don't imagine that it will be a sad ending, especially after all the shit that the characters went through. Just give them a happy ending please, writer-nim. Otherwise, I think I will honestly throw a fit over the sixteen hours I wasted to sit down and watch this drama. Not that you would care what I think, writer-nim, but it would be nice nonetheless. 




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chekas1292 Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I don't think this drama makes sense at aaaaaaaaaaaalll.. I understand NOTHING. I just want to skip everything and go straight to the last episode. What a weird drama... U wanna do fiction, do it properly.

amy_amiable Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm sorry but since the last few episodes the drama has become so messed up that its stopped making any sense... I just really hope the wrap it up nicely with a good ending

ahgase88 Monday, September 12, 2016

if its not a happy ending idk what im gonna dooo

The End




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