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Park Shin Hye posts then deletes apology for her nail art seen on 'Doctors'

By yckim124   Wednesday, August 10, 2016   123,095   11,753   0



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On August 10, Park Shin Hye posted an apology regarding her nail art seen on the drama 'Doctors' only to edit the post, then ultimately deleting it entirely from her Instagram. 

SBS first spoke up on the issue and officially apologized for the lack of realism as many viewers felt a practicing doctor would never wear the nail art seen on the actress' hands. Several hours later, Park Shin Hye also apologized via Instagram and part of the apology stated, "I will be greeting viewers with clean nails on the remaining 4 episodes. I will need to remove it if the choice I made to cover up my insecurity became a hot issue on online communities. I will remove it. It is not a big deal." 

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However, she soon edited the second and third sentence, which was criticized for its tone. Part of her apology then read, "I have removed it because the choice I made to cover up my insecurity has concerned many viewers. I apologize." 

Despite the minor changes to improve her apology, Park Shin Hye ultimately deleted the post entirely as netizens were still displeased with her nail art as well as her apology. 

What are your thoughts on the nail art issue?

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ParkShinHyeForev Thursday, August 18, 2016

I think that is ridiculous! What? Did she somehow lose her to freedom to freely paint her nails? Now she is totally insecure as a doctor and a human!! You're poking holes into her. She also has to live up to an extremely, terrifyingly high standard of perfection that could never be reached. Perfection doesn't exist. Do you understand? So what if it doesn't realistically portray the scene. She could've shot the scene a million times but she did it with nail polish because that was her final choice. Her freedom of expression. It's a fucking minor detail. It's not like she murdered somebody ok? If she did then they should bring attention to that not what kind of nail polish PSH is wearing!So what? It's just a minor detail, who cares? Why bring all the attention to it? When I was watching this scene I didn't even notice the nail polish. I was just noticing how hard she's working, playing a role as a doctor. Are you all just bored or are some of you just trolls? GET A LIFE!!! There's still so many things I want to say!!! This is ridiculous! AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES SHE APOLOGIZED FOR NOTHING! YOU WEREN'T SATISFIED WITH HER APOLOGY MAYBE BECAUSE SHE DID NOTHING WRONG! ALL SHE DID WAS PUT ON NAIL POLISH!

7ven00 Saturday, August 13, 2016

knetz always weird. after complain about her nail now they attack about shinhye don't have attitude when give apologize. wahhh, thats bullshit...Its up to Shinhye to talk like thats who care, we live in a free country. The problem is netz attitude lol, you can say shit to idols/actress/actor but when they want to protect herself you thats good jobs dude/hater. He might be honest and speak what her want in mind but not make her rude people, some people misunderstanding and f#$%..whatever. I know today is very hard to get jobs, so they want to attention and make fun to someone , so yeah. Then, why you care about her tone and what her written, thats not judge word competition Instgram..heoolll.. If someone want to fight with you or talk shit at your, can you just sit quietly, no right??She human lol, have feeling angry, feel challenged and fell want to kick you ass..""We are young , we are fun"" P/s - She ATTITUDE IS BASED HOW YOU TREAT HER ..peace no war

hyun_82 Friday, August 12, 2016

First of all, whether artificial nails contribute to transmission of healthcare-associated infections is unknown. However, individuals who wear artificial nails are more likely to harbor gram-negative pathogens on their fingertips than are those who have natural nails, both before and after hand washing. The effect of length of natural or artificial nails on infection risk is also unknown, because the majority of bacterial growth occurs along the proximal 1 mm of the nail adjacent to subungual skin. Second of all, regarding one of the viewers claim and I quote "Even if this is just a drama and people usually have certain reserves about that, I still wonder if it's okay for a doctor, and a surgeon at that, to have such extravagant nail art. It's evidence that [her nail art] is keeping me from being absorbed in the drama" is just RIDICULOUS. If you have problem absorbing the drama as good as Doctors then you probably have problem absorbing anything in general since you only noticed those artificial things, rather than absorbing the lessons provided to you by this drama. Third of all, Shinhye probably has a reason why she deleted her Instagram post. She probably realised that there's no pleasing everybody and it's better to keep things slide naturally.

LittleSukie Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oh God, knetz, please just staph. It' s nails. And calling this manicure extravagant is REDICULOUS. I could share thousands of photos of crazy manicures but it will give you nightmares. Go deal with serious life turning problems. Over.

shanta Thursday, August 11, 2016

if they made her wear gloves, this wouldn't even have been her fault. why are they blaming PSH for the lack observation by the production team?

elfinkyy Thursday, August 11, 2016

When idols don't apologise netizens criticise them, when they DO apologise they criticise them smh

junxxmin Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dramas are supposed to be a break from reality... do you think cute/hot doctors are walking around hugging each other and mopeing and having a "some" relationship? No they're all no-makeup, tired, running, working, sleeping, coffee none of the cute lovey dovey bantering and 90+ hours of talking things out....god... how can you expect realism from a drama?!

Kim_San Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The all are working so hard but the people keep talking about park shin hye nails!! aygooo

spiffybutiffy Wednesday, August 10, 2016

For the love of god. If they really want this to be realistic then they should be watching a make-up free, exhausted doctor just working the whole time, never having time to see people, and certainly no male love interest because she would have no time for romance. Because she'd be working. All the time.

micahxo_lu Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This entire "controversy" is stupid. Netizens are too petty.

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