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[Drama Review] 'W' - Episode 7

By jubilantj   Thursday, August 11, 2016   32,810   7,169   11



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Things are getting interesting in the world of 'W'. Chul and Yeon Joo tie the knot, the faceless killer is back and menacing, and other strange occurrences are abound. 

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A young Yeon Joo was the true creator of 'W'.

The most shocking development would have to be the that the killer of Chul's family exists for certain. What's worse, the killer is out to end Yeon Joo, aka Chul's new family. I enjoy this part of the story the most (the suspense part..not...the killing part...), as it not only keeps me guessing but it also gives me a break from all the romancing. It's typical for Korean dramas to throw in love lines since that's what the general, mainstream audience enjoys. But I much prefer the suspense/mystery part of the story--just personal preference.

Drawing...not everyone can do it so easily, and that includes Yeon Joo. 

Moving on, that the killer is real and his threat palpable, leading me to two possible conclusions: either Yeon Joo's father lied or an imperceptible force enabled him to spring up and out the pages. For the former, I can't deduce any plausible reasons that will impel Oh Sung Moo to lie about the existence (or lack thereof) of the killer. In fact, Oh's webtoon was able to succeed and continue for so long because Chul fruitlessly searched for someone that was never there in the first place. Further, if Oh tells Chul that the killer exists, then Chul would inevitably return to his 2D world and pursue the killer…and keep on dragging Yeon Joo into the story in the process. a concerned father, you don't want your only daughter to be pulled into a world where a faceless killer is determined to punch her ticket to the next life.

"You toyed so carelessly with my life!" 

"Bu..bu..but I love you!"

Chul's need to find the killer allowed him to travel to the 'real world' so what drove the killer into the real world? Possibly his mission to kill Chul and everyone he loves? But I don't understand why this character is so dead set on killing Chul. We weren't given enough clues for that yet. If this character just likes killing for the sake of killing, well...that's pretty macabre, especially for a K-drama. 

"Okay, I forgive you let's get married LOL." 

And somebody told me this today, but there is the speculation that the whole story is a webtoon. Meaning, even Yeon Joo's world isn't real! I mean, that would make everything that hasn't made sense so far make total sense because there were many things in the drama that hadn't made any sense and left me senseless. Like the fact that a 2D character is able to survive in a 3D world and that a real, living person is able to do the same in a 2D world. The biggest hint of all is probably that the webtoon keeps writing itself. A webtoon inside a's a possibility that is worth considering. And currently, the theory that makes the most sense. 




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junxxmin Saturday, August 13, 2016

I feel like the killer really doesn't exist and that's what makes him more dangerous. He's an open ended character and that's the worst thing that could happen. It's like Chul. So Chul's character was based around finding out why his family was so brutally murdered, that was the one goal in Kang Chul's life. When he finds out that there isn't a reason he gives up, goes against his character code, then jumps off the bridge and the story ended. When Yeonjoo gave him another purpose (ie falling in love with her since technically she's the original creator) that made the story continue. Likewise the killer (as the father stated) had no other purpose, it was only made to target Chul and give suspense to the webtoon, the killer was merely a never ending question. Therefore that will always be the killer's only reason for existence, to torment Chul. There is no reason, that's just the way he was created and he can't be altered (just like Chul shot the dad but missed on purpose) the only solution is probably to give him an identity and backstory (since he was hid under the hood) or to kill him

Lisssss Friday, August 12, 2016

Gosh the webtoon within webtoon theory makes so much sense! And for a happy ending, they can make the main characters the real creators of it :P

bigbangslayer Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm enjoying watching this drama so much, this episode was the best so far to me ! I would give it at least an 9, the romance was the cute and the story is so original, i'm loving it!

kpopisbaebae Thursday, August 11, 2016

The killer might be chul's alter ego. Since the killer said he is also a very good shooter. My opinion

queenbeelove Thursday, August 11, 2016

I just came to see the bed scene LOL

Nova_Foxy Thursday, August 11, 2016


Kabo_desu Thursday, August 11, 2016

9  for me, love this two and the drama is good!

PrincessOfDramas Thursday, August 11, 2016

The review on this drama are always so shitty, like my bad but were interresting since the first freaking teaser for this came out....And you didn't even mention the kiss scenes

PrincessOfDramas Thursday, August 11, 2016

*things were

JohnSutherland54 (Banned) PrincessOfDramas Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Lora_k PrincessOfDramas Thursday, August 11, 2016

right, and then uncontrollably fond always gets overrated scores

The End




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