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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 15

By jubilantj   Thursday, June 9, 2016   16,540   1,874   0



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The drama is slowly drawing to a close and all the pieces are coming together one by one. Ha Neul was proved innocent, Joo Han and Lee Ji Young have been exposed, and Ddanddara are now considered super rookies in the scene. 

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But more important than all of the above combined is the clearing of Jo Sung Hyun's death and the downfall of K-Top and Lee Joon Seok which have yet to happen. 

Ha Neul reconnecting with his past. 

There was lots of reflecting, self-pity, and discovery in this episode, especially with Ha Neul and Seok Ho finally coming to terms with Jo Sung Hyun's death. Ha Neul was so stricken when he found out the truth that he immediately strayed to playing the blame game, reasoning that none of the tragedy would have happened had Seok Ho not stepped into his life. Yet, at the same time, it was Seok Ho who befriended the introverted, reserved Jo Sung Hyun, pulled out all stops to finally prove Ha Neul innocent, and helped him achieve his dream of becoming a singer. So in a way, Seok Ho's entrance into the Jo family's lives was more than a just a chance encounter; it ended up being a blessing in more ways than one. 

Lee Joon Seok is going dooownnn, y'all. 

Seok Ho may feel guilty, but he's got to stop wallowing in self-pity. The more he does so, the more he will fall deeper into the pit of despair. He had no control over Lee Joon Seok or Jo Sung Hyun's actions, and he only harbored good intentions when he brought Sung Hyun's music to K-Top. Thankfully, Ha Neul realized this and was able to extend a hand toward Seok Ho, telling him to stop wondering "what if." It was a beautiful, selfless moment of friendship, and I was happy to see that the exposure of truth did not drive them apart but rather, brought them closer together.

And I really must commend then Ha Neul for gathering up the courage to sing his dead brother's song on national TV. It must have not been easy arriving at the decision especially after learning that the song was popularized by some other artist while his brother felt so broken that he jumped to his own death. Perhaps, in a way, Ha Neul felt the need to honor his dead brother by singing his song. 

Joo Han didn't go back to being Lee Joon Seok's bitch after all! 

At this point, I'm just waiting to see what Choi Joon Ha will do and hear his side of the story. We already know Lee Joon Seok's side, President Byun's, and Seok Ho's, but what about Choi Joon Ha? This episode did show a scene of him visiting Jo Sung Hyun's memorial site and expressing his remorse for the stealing of Sung Hyun's music. This scene made me wonder whether Choi Joon Ha released his first album knowing that the songs were stolen from Jo Sung Hyun. Since this episode ended with a tete-a-tete between Choi Hoon Ha and Seok Ho, I think it's safe to assume that Choi Joon Ha will be trying to make amends for the indirect hand in Sung Hyun's death. 

Will Choi Joon Ha go over to Lee Joon Seok or set things right? 


Plot: 8

Cinematography: 7

Pacing: 7


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