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Posted by jubilantj Friday, September 4, 2015

Simon D admits his first sexual experience was with a girl six years older

On the September 4 broadcast of JTBC's 'Witch Hunt,' Simon D unabashedly shared stories of his love life. 

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The rapper wasn't afraid to share the story of his first sexual experience, which came up after the introduction of the story of one man whose expeditions under the sheets were foiled by premature ejaculation. Simon D, gave his bit of advice to the man, asserting, "I think it's all psychological. My first time was with a girl six years older. At first, I was really worried, but it got gradually better.

The rapper also admitted that when he loves woman, he loves all aspects of his life...yes, even her farts and excrement. He said, "It's weird. I think even these things my girlfriend do is cute. I haven't farted before in front of her. But one day my girlfriend suddenly rushed into the bathroom. Even though she turned on the water, I heard everything. It wasn't dirty. One time I opened the toilet lid to look at her waste and noticed that she hadn't flushed. It smelled but I didn't dislike it. I think it's because I loved her." 

When MC Sung Si Kyung complimented the rapper, "Simon D, you look very large. Your shoulders are wide and even your features are big." Simon D returned jokingly, "But that 'thing' is cute just the right amount," making the studio burst out in laughter.

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