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Posted by jubilantj0 pt Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The members for JYP's new girl group Twice chosen on final episode of 'SIXTEEN'

J.Y. Park

The final members for JYP Entertainment's new girl group Twice--for which the lineup was changed--was announced on the final episode of 'SIXTEEN'!

On this decisive final episode, the remaining major and minor team contestants battled it out to secure their places on JYP's anticipated new girl group Twice.

After the performances were over, J.Y. Park said, "The minor team was superior to the major team for both the final first round and the second mission round," and announced which members would rise to major from minor.

The first contestant to take her place on the major team as one of the final Twice members was Nayeon. In turn, J.Y. Park selected Natty to be bumped down to minor, relaying, "Natty's singing was somewhat lacking, but Nayeon gave me confidence through her performance."

Jungyeon was the next contestant to follow Nayeon's footsteps and join the major team to become a final member of Twice. Crying tears of joy, Jungyeon confessed, "I realized that practicing for five years was worth it. Even after debuting, I won't lose my focus and will work hard." Somi was the major team members to trade places with Jungyeon; J.Y. Park gave the explanation, "Somi has the makings of a star, but when you're dancing, I get an amateur vibe. I hope that you will work a little harder and show that you have improved."

The third and final member to make up Twice was Dahyun, who replaced Minyoung on the major team. J.Y. Park once again stated the reason for his selection, justifying, "Truthfully, there was something missing in Dahyun's dance, singing, and rap, but you capture everyone's attention. Whether you are on stage, among members, or interviewing, you have a certain bearing and charisma."

After the six members exchanged places, J.Y. Park announced, "There are no more shifts in major and minor formations. Twice will be a nine-member group with the addition of two girls who will make up for what the group lacks." The two additional members were revealed to be Tzuyu and Momo who were eliminated in earlier rounds. J.Y. Park stated, "Based on the input from the viewers and audience, Tzuyu was selected," and, "Not only did Momo strengthen her dance and performances but also she was very diligent thus far and excellent in many other aspects."

With these radical shifts in major and minor and the surprising additions, Twice now consists of nine total members, including Jihyo, Nayeon, Jungyeon, Chaeyoung, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Tzuyu, and Momo.

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