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DMTN's Daniel and Cha No Ah receive their sentence for the marijuana case

DMTN, Daniel, Cha Seung Won

The court has dealt out their sentencing today for the marijuana case involving DMTN's Daniel, Cha Seung Won's son Cha No Ah, and more.

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The prosecution previously demanded a jail sentence of 1 year and a penalty of 6,690,500 KRW or 6,034 USD for Daniel, and the court has revealed their decision today.

On the 17th, the court stated, "Daniel acted as the intermediary in the selling of marijuana 12 times and sold marijuana 4 times." It is also said that although he previously denied smoking it in the very beginning of the investigation, after a hair strand test was conducted the prosecution found that he tested positive for it. And so today, the court sentenced him to 1 year in jail and a penalty of 7,160,000 KRW.

Regarding Daniel's plea for leniency last time, in which his lawyer argued that having grown up in the U.S., Daniel has a more relaxed attitude towards marijuana, the court stated, "Even if he has a weak recognition that smoking marijuana is illegal, it is still a crime. Especially selling and acting as the intermediary in selling is a major crime."

"Daniel has participated in the hearings and investigation seriously and diligently and he has also expressed that he will enlist in the military on his own and serve the country. Taking these factors into consideration, we have sentenced him to the minimum amount that we can give him based on the law."

As for Cha No Ah, the prosecution previously demanded a jail sentence of 10 months for smoking marijuana 2-3 times. However, the final sentence he received was lighter as the court gave him a suspended sentence of 6 month jail term suspended for 2 years (this means that if he does not cause further problems for the next 2 years on probation, the judge will usually throw out the jail sentence). The court did not expand much upon their reasons for their decision on Cha No Ah, but it seems because his offense is lighter compared to the others involved in the case, they awarded him a lighter sentence.

Source: Sports Seoul (1) (2), Kyunghang, Star News

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