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Top 5 K-Pop Concert Essentials!


If you've ever been to a K-pop concert, you'll understand that it's a different world over there. The fantasies that keep churning in your head ooze out of your psyche the moment that K-pop idol steps onto the stage, and from here on out, everything's free game.

It's one of those surreal experiences where you refuse to believe it's true until your eyes confirm otherwise. While driving over to the concert venue, standing in line to cash in your ticket, or seeing the fan merchandise for sale strewn about the lobby, it still doesn't hit you yet.

After what seems like years of waiting, the lights go dim for a minute or two, and a momentary silence falls over the arena. Then the idols take the stage and just like that, the silence gives way to a deafening roar – the kind that vibrates through your chest and rattles your bones.

Your heart climbs into your throat and you lose it entirely. No matter how polished or established or "I'm-too-cool-for-these-things" you are, I guarantee you'll be screaming just as hysterically as the fifteen-year-old girl with the piping set of steel lungs next to you. If not more, I promise.

Rewind for a second.

Before you can enjoy yourself at these concerts, keep in mind all the preparations involved. There are implicit do's and don'ts that govern the concert going experience. But I'll save that for another time. Right now, let's focus on what to bring with you.

Here are the top five concert essentials that made it on the list!

 1. Ticket 

I mean, this goes without saying, right? On the day of the concert,  emotions are going to be running high and you're going to be a hot, hormonal mess. Save yourself the drama and tears - just pack the damn tickets in your bag the night before.

2. Smartphone/Camera

Unless you enjoy wandering around aimlessly late at night after a concert without any means of mobile contact, I say go for it, but make sure you tell me how that works out for you. Shameless creepers would make the loveliest company, I'm sure.

But if that's not really your thing, bring your smartphone. Especially when you're in a situation where the chances of you getting separated from your group run super high.

Now let's talk about cameras.

Depending on the concert, you probably will or will not be able to take pictures and record videos. But between us, who are we trying to kid? If my bias is standing a few feet away from me, you sure as hell bet I'm going to be taking an embarrassing number of pictures per minute and recording more videos than should ever be allowed.  

And you know what? In my defense, our memories can only be fresh for so long. In a matter of time, we start to leave out details. We forget the feeling of having our hearts climb into our throats, and the memory becomes more of a hazy nostalgia than anything else.

So yes, recording videos for memory's sake does matter. And frankly, the quality and functionality of your phone are just as relevant.

Speaking of the technical functions of your phone camera, let's take a look at the new LG G2.

This phone features what has to be one of the most innovative video recording functions on the market right now.

With LG G2's Optical Image Stabilizer, you can capture the artist performing on stage more clearly, even when your hands are shaking. Not only that, but Audio Zoom helps zone out the background noise to more clearly record the sound coming from your favorite artist!

Going off a whim, when you record videos, you probably want to hear your idol's voice, not the seizure screams of the preadolescent girls standing next to you, who, by the way, can scream in ways you never would have imagined possible coming from a human body. Remember that fifteen-year-old girl with the steel set of lungs I was talking about before? Yeah, I wasn't playing. That girl almost took out my eardrums.

Anyways, with the LG G2's function of droning out background noises, recording videos is going to be an entirely new experience. Because let's face it, video quality makes all the difference in the world - and it sets apart what could just be a crappy video muffled by incoherent noise and a video that lets you relive the memory almost as clearly as the moment it happened...

Learn more about the LG G2 here

...So each time you re-watch it, you'll be just as happy as this guy:

What a cutie. 

3. Bag

Speaking of bags...

I know what you're thinking - "If I'm going to a concert, I don't want to worry about having to hold on to a bag." Don't make this mistake, guys. Just don't do it.

A bag - crossbody bags or backpacks work best - is probably the most reasonable thing you can bring. You should remember to pack water, cash, binoculars, snacks and hand sanitizer. Trust me, they'll be well worth the investment.

Also, if you're bringing a backpack and you're paranoid that someone will reach in and grab something while you have your back turned, just wear your backpack on your frontside. I'm not saying that you're not going to look silly, because chances are, you probably will. But hey, it's practical and safe, and I'll take that over losing my valuables any day, fosho'.


4. Body spray

Because if you're going to be standing in a mosh pit, just know that you're going to be standing there with a couple thousand people. It's going to be hot, you're going to be sweating buckets, and people are going to push and shove you in places you would rather not be pushed and shoved in (talk about super awkward...).

But once you make it to the front of the mosh pit, you have to smell good if you want to seduce your idol, right? We don't want to smell like a frat boy's armpits when we're inches away from our future husbands/wives. That's nasty and ain't nobody got time for that.


5. Lightstick

Holding light sticks that correspond to your favorite artists' group color is an endearing gesture not only to the artists performing on stage, but to other fans of the same fandom. There's an implicit sense of unity there that ties together the loose ends of a concert. Besides, a light stick makes one hell of a souvenir.

We're sure with these items your concert experience will be fantastic! But if we missed anything, let us know what you feel is a concert essential in the comments below! And please, pleaseeee, save our ears by posting better videos of your concert experiences on Youtube… Do everyone a favor and check out the LG G2.

No more of this please, we'd prefer to leave the singing to the stars:

Happy Concert Going!

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