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The 'nation's child stars': My, how they've grown!


Dramas, sitcoms, and variety shows shine because of the hard work put in by the production staff, filming crew, and of course, their cast. Although their roles may not be as big, child stars do their part by adding a youthful charm and spirit to liven up the productions.

So how have these child stars grown? And where are they now?

Moon Mason, who rose to the top of the ulzzang baby list for his doll-like appearance is now 5-years-old! Gaining the love of the nation by appearing on variety shows like 'Hello Baby' and the film 'Baby and I' with Jang Geun Suk, the child icon was recently chosen as the face of kid's brand R.ROBOT. Still as cute as ever, look forward to how Mason will mature in the future!

Kim Soo Jung, most known for her role as the 'Answer Girl' on KBS 2TV's 'Star Golden Bell', revealed her whereabouts on a past episode of MBC's 'Good Day'. The episode revealed the cute child star is now 9-years-old and as pretty as ever.

She revealed, "I've been receiving acting lessons on the weekends," and chose actress Go Hyun Jung as her role model.

Wang Suk Hyun, who stole the hearts of noona fans with his 'rotten smile' in the film 'Speedy Scandal', was captured on the same show as Kim Soo Jung. Now a 3rd grader in elementary school, the child actor's face remained unchanged, but he definitely wasn't the same little boy we once knew!

Audition contestant Son Ye Rim, known as the 'fairy' of season 3 of 'Superstar K', had received much love from uncle fans for her innocent charm and star potential. A year older and 11cm (4.3") taller, the 11 year old opened the stage for the concert held for the beginning of 'Superstar K Season 4', surprising everyone with her rapid growth and maturation over the past year.

Netizens commented saying, "She can sing, and she's pretty", "A whole 11 cms... I hope she keeps getting prettier", "Ye Rim fighting", and more.

Child star Jin Ji Hee received much love for her bratty character's signature phrase "Bbang goo ddong ggo" on MBC's 'High Kick Through the Roof'. Recent images of the actress reveal that she's looking more and more feminine by the day. Although still only 13 years of age, with the loss of baby fat, she looks all grown up!

The above photos were taken of her and actor Choi Woo Shik when they were chosen as representatives of the Seoul Youth Film Festival.

Kim Yoo Jung, who recently received enormous amounts of love for playing the child role of actress Han Ga In in MBC's 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun', has returned with a new role in MBC's upcoming drama, 'May Queen'.

During the press conference for the drama held on the 14th, the 12-year-old actress, now matured into a beautiful young lady, revealed that she chose this new drama because it would allow her to showcase a character much different than 'Yeonwoo' in 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun'.

She also stated that she is filming diligently to portray a character that the audience will love, so look out for the beautiful young actress!

Another child star was present during the press conference for 'May Queen' as well. Park Ji Bin, who played Goo Hye Sun's little brother in 'Boys Before Flowers' back in 2009, is returning to play Kim Jae Won's child role.

Although now 17-years-old and much taller than before, the actor's face remains as handsome as ever.

Considering these young rising stars, the future of South Korean entertainment looks bright!

Source + Image(s): Star News, Sports DongAh, Art News, Newsen via Nate, TV Daily, Union Press News, Frontier Times

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