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Were Korean Paris Hilton's words scripted?


[caption id="attachment_123669" align="aligncenter" width="487" caption=""Korean Paris Hilton" might not be the spoiled child you thought she was."][/caption] Recently, "Korean Paris Hilton", Kim Kyeonga, has been drawing a lot of attention (mostly negative) to herself for her boastful on-air behavior regarding her wealth. The National Tax Service even requested an investigation into her situation to determine whether she was dodging taxes by receiving expensive luxury products from her parents. Now though, after this whole ordeal, it has been revealed that "Korean Paris Hilton" was likely just a television concept to fire up viewers. Kim stated, "I read the script the broadcasters prepared for me. The majority of the broadcast is different from reality." If this turns out to be true, then there is a great possibility that there will be grave consequences for the creators of the show. After all, they would have then created fake content to stir up controversy, and as such, been in serious breach of broadcasting ethics. According to the authorities who set out to confirm Kim's situation after the whole "Korean Paris Hilton" controversy, Kim's parents are not wealthy enough to be able to provide Kim with billions of KRW (approx. millions of USD) as pocket money. Also, Kim, who was introduced as an unmarried woman on-air, has been revealed to be married to a husband working a white-collar job, meaning that her husband is not extremely wealthy either. Kim, according to sources familiar with the matter, does live in Non Hyeon Dong (an expensive neighborhood), but the townhouse, registered in the name of her husband, is far from luxurious. Furthermore, the luxurious car worth 300 million KRW (approx. $300,000) does not appear to be real either. Kim became more and more embarrassed as the controversy spiraled out of control, and she told her acquaintances that she had simply read from a script that was given to her, and that most of the content on the show was fake or exaggerated. Kim is currently residing in Japan and has expressed her desire to explain the situation once she returns to Korea. Even if it turns out that the producers of "Tent in the City" were deceived by Kim, and not the other way around, the producers will still be criticized for not checking the authenticity of the content in advance. As a result of this mess, the general consensus is that the episode's production process must be revealed thoroughly and honestly. Source: Chosun

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