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Rumors of Girls' Generation's Tiffany dating rapper GRAY bubble up again

By elliefilet   16 days ago   97,594   9,735   0



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Rumors of Girls' Generation's Tiffany and rapper GRAY dating have resurfaced once again.

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On July 7, insiders told media outlets the alleged couple started dating in late 2015 and have been going on almost 3 years now. An insider from the hip hop world stated, "Only rappers know that GRAY and Tiffany are dating."

Tiffany and GRAY have been caught up in dating rumors since last January, but both sides denied any romantic relationship and officially stated they were just friends. In light of the rumors making headlines today, SM Entertainment carefully stated, "We know them as just friends."

In other news, Girls' Generation are making a comeback in August.

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Funky_Angel 15 days ago

well idk, song song couple denied their dating news for a while but now they're getting married so, who knows.

Katelynn34 (Banned) Funky_Angel 15 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

spacejam 16 days ago

She's a hot girl in her 20's if logic doesnt tell you she's dating someone regularly you're mad. - Especially given the "I'm 30 I'm past it/should be married by now" comments in almost every drama puts on society. In this case if she is dating good for her, its none of our business it doesn't change her music one bit. The only odd thing about this story is the "Only rappers know X and Y are dating" which is like the "insider" admitting that he's not a producer etc but one of the close friends of the guy involved and he didn't keep his mouth shut (the friend).

justalovelyfan 16 days ago

Please don't hate on Gray and Tiffany/snsd :( SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE

vierrastreet 16 days ago

They are so cute together

geekinthepink044 16 days ago

I don't care if they are dating.. I just hate it when they keep on denying it and lying to the fans.. urgghhhBut if they are not then okay..

BigBlueagain geekinthepink044 16 days ago

why is it any of your/our business anyway. If they don't want us to know then they'll lie about it instead of telling us that it's none of our friggin business.

kizaru_hijin 16 days ago

too many degenerated delulus here, some who think this is some media play to get some attention before the comeback, while i dont see how that will make anything better, while other disgusting piece of shits talk about ruining the comeback and how he isnt good enough for her. saying something so stupid only shows, that IF they are dating, youre insulting her too and only make her feel worse. if you think low of your bias's partner, then stop calling yourself a fan, cause you obviously arent, if you dont care one bit about your bias, but only yourself, since you retarded delulus think your opinion matters, when a celebrity dates someone.

BigBlueagain kizaru_hijin 16 days ago

Here, you need this.

kizaru_hijin BigBlueagain 15 days ago

you need a life, retarded delulu, you still get triggered by my comments...

BigBlueagain kizaru_hijin 15 days ago

Here I am being nice since you are obviously grumpy from hunger and this is how you are. (smh) such a rude troll.

kizaru_hijin BigBlueagain 15 days ago

A pathetic hater without a life, who always gets triggered by comments here, trying to pretend to be nice only makes you seem more desperate to seem special on the internet, especially when everyone already knows what a pathetic and hateful sucker you are...

BigBlueagain kizaru_hijin 15 days ago

Such a salty and petty little troll you are. Take the Snickers, you'll feel better. Oh yeah, almost forgot... triggered ;)

robin1 16 days ago

He hitting that.

xDanii 16 days ago

For some reason I feel that they are dating..

imJooyeon 16 days ago

Well, well, well. After the SongSong couple, whoever has more than two rumors is to be kept an eye on.

mind_blown 16 days ago

Dispatch where you at?

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