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Watch the students from Mnet's girl group training program 'Idol School' perform "Cause You're Pretty"

By KpopJoA   27 days ago   73,362   4,025   0



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With Mnet's girl group training program 'Idol School' officially launching in a few weeks, the new reality series allowed viewers to get a first glimpse at the incoming students.

Watch as the girls are sitting in class neatly dressed in matching school uniforms as they sing and dance in this special video titled "Cause You're Pretty."

'Idol School' will take place at English Village in Paju. The location is currently being used for 'Produce 101'. The students of the show will go through 11-week training and the top students will be debuting in a girl group after graduation. The show is scheduled to air on July 13.

Check out the students performing "Cause You're Pretty" below!

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mind_blown 21 days ago

this is very producer 101-ish

JessicaRabbit123 25 days ago

Okay, so there's girls from YG, SM and JYP and former Produce 101/I.B.I Hae In. And there is a contract that they can't be trainees so no one in the show is signed. Now the question is, is if they will resign to a new company or go back to their old ones after the show is over.

kzoldycks 26 days ago

nope. not gonna watch it.

Sanghun 26 days ago

its remind me of AKB48 songs, nahhhh forget it,

melalabanana 26 days ago

Natty should have stayed with JYP. She could be the main dancer if she managed to debut. Anyway I got a feeling that JYP will debut a new GG around next year with mysterious teaser at the end of this year. Also if it weren't for Produce 101, I think Somi would have left JYP too.

Sarab_eel 26 days ago

People hate on this program but will still watch it till the end and they will cry their eyes out if their favorite didnt make it and will support the final group smh i love mnet for making those programs i think they give people the chance that they need like look at sejeong she got lead role already, if she wasnt in ioi could she be that famous? Never, so thank you mnet

beyondordinary 26 days ago

'the clip is not available in your country' :/ fk u then

dorecici 26 days ago

I wasn't gonna care about this crazy competition, but was that NATTY!!!! Why is she on this? Is she not with JYP anymore? I was always hoping for her and Somi to finally debut in a group together but I know that just wishful thinking.

ROXX25 26 days ago

they are just trying to make more money

piccuchi ROXX25 26 days ago

wow, is your name sherlock?

Ravenpotato 26 days ago

Ravenpotato 26 days ago

To watch for more stress during eliminations every week or to join in on the drama.. This is pretty hard tbh

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