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T.O.P admits to all charges, says he broke up with trainee 'A' long time ago

By jennywill   23 days ago   266,076   15,504   0



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Big Bang's T.O.P has admitted to all charges.

Previously, the idol had denied using liquid marijuana twice, but during his trial this June 29, he admitted to all four cases. The prosecutors had first detailed the evidence against T.O.P, but T.O.P did not bring any of his own, instead admitting to all the charges. 

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He said, "I was treated for anxiety and depression for years. My unstable mind state and thoughts made me act wrongly. I have made a mistake that I cannot undo. This all happened within a week. It was the worst week of my life. I am regretting it down to my bones. I am sincerely embarrassed and promise this will not happen again. I will take all punishment and treat it as a life lesson. I will live to serve."

His lawyer also revealed that while dating 'A', she had offered him marijuana while he was drunk, and that he broke up with 'A' afterward and stopped smoking marijuana since. 

The prosecutors are seeking 2 years of probation and 10 months of prison time if he breaks probational period. His sentence will be finalized at 1:50 PM on July 20.

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dlc311 21 days ago

He just needs to focus on being mentally healthy now. I support Top 100%

krell 22 days ago

I will *guess* that TOP ended his personal relationship with this TRAINEE because he *knew* of his upcoming planned CONSCRIPTED POLICE entry ; for S.K MILITARY Service. TOP probably figured that SMOKING MARIJUANA was *not* such a 'good idea' to have that 'baggage' hanging around him during that S.K MILITARY Service time frame. Which, it (MARIJUANA usage) did 'come out' anyway ; obviously. Also, it gave TOP a *good excuse* to 'dump' the TRAINEE ; his pending S.K MILITARY Service. I am *less* clear that TOP made some 'grand decision' to 'walk the straight and narrow' as a 'reborn man' of 'no alcohol and illegal drugs.' BUT, TOP's Fans can believe whatever they choose.

RMDxx 22 days ago

I'm pretty sure he broke up with her coz they got caught. If they weren't caught they'll continue doing that stuff. That girl was a bad influence. Seriously TOP? You did those things just for a girl? There's a lot of good influence girls out there.

bangeryun94 RMDxx 22 days ago

He broke up with her in October right after they smoked weed and he sobered up.

plebz RMDxx 22 days ago

LOL u talk as if weed is life threatening. you are just some ignorant loser who has never done it. its even legal in some places

Sunnn plebz 21 days ago

But in KOREA it's not legal. It can be seen as a bad influence because people that potentially look up to him could be encouraged to also break the law/ get into trouble. Stop using the whole "it's legal in some places" excuse as if it means shit in this situation, thanks. :)

MeniNova 22 days ago

I'm pretty sure his ex girlfriend snitched on him out of revenge. That is the only possible way he got caught. She probably got a plea bargen for ratting him out. 

bangeryun94 MeniNova 22 days ago

I agree with you about revenge. She's also most likely a coward. Big tough talk and being hateful on social media but a puddle of pee when in real trouble. She got the same sentence as TOP but with rehab added on to hers.

lovelynnnnnn MeniNova 22 days ago

Definitely.... if he wasn't famous she wouldn't have said anything. TOP only got caught cause someone snitched. This won't work in prison.

k008 22 days ago

All this drama while US Nevada open up purchases of recreational marijuana this Saturday July 1st for all tourist.  How do Korea expect Koreans to be clean when it's being sold legally??

allkpopellie k008 22 days ago

World map, check wiki, there are only about 3 countries where marijuana is legalized, and in the US, about 8 states where Cannabis is legalized.

Sirens 22 days ago

Oh snap, they were smashing! *sips tea* Was she kicked out of YGE though?

ygv Sirens 22 days ago

she wasn't a yg trainee

MeniNova Sirens 22 days ago

She comes from a wealthy family so I doubt this will have little affect on her.

Winston ygv 22 days ago

I thought the media said she was a former YG trainee?

Aaliya17767 Winston 22 days ago

I know right i heard that too

Cutie888 Sirens 22 days ago

She used to be a trainee under jellyfish as well as source music, was planning on debuting in Gfriend but she backed out

chaoticoconut 22 days ago

Ahh finally, I found the situation where it's ok to blame the girl.

Ploopy678 chaoticoconut 22 days ago

I dont think weed should be such a big deal, but he is still responsible for his actions though. Unless she forced him at gunpoint, he could have easily refused.

Winston Ploopy678 22 days ago

it depends on which country, i think weed is bad because it can cause hallucination

bangeryun94 Ploopy678 22 days ago

Her "gunpoint" was between her legs. Men have done far more serious damage for the promise of hu hu

L_catzzz bangeryun94 22 days ago

Lol. "Hu hu"

bangeryun94 L_catzzz 22 days ago

Yep, lol, I don't like the p-word.

lovelynnnnnn Winston 22 days ago

Some drugs that are legal also give you hallucinations. Anything legal really can make you high and give off hallucinations when not taken correctly.

Ploopy678 bangeryun94 22 days ago

Then that would still be the man's fault for being weak though LOL

bangeryun94 Ploopy678 21 days ago

Sorry, but sex makes men stupid. They know it, we know it. She certainly knew it

aeviou 22 days ago

I don't remember but what happened to GD's case with weed? Anyway, fans get too invested in an idol's life, just listen to the music and move on lol. I'm very ~whatever~ about this, I'm just waiting for the day (maybe it'll never come) when weed becomes legal in korea

Winston aeviou 22 days ago

i dun think any ASIAN county legalised weed.

aeviou Winston 22 days ago

I know... that's why I said I'm waiting for the day... if Taiwan can legalize gay marriage I'm sure there's a possibility

Ayeciaking 22 days ago

is their a way to change your name on here?

NamuInspirit Ayeciaking 22 days ago

Just what i'm thinking about but it seems like there's none..

bangeryun94 Ayeciaking 21 days ago

Just create a new account. That's the only way at the moment

Deedee1004 22 days ago

well that explains why she snitched on him

Cutie888 Deedee1004 22 days ago

I think she got caught with weed in her system and when the police asked her, she just sold him out..... maybe for revenge maybe not

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