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SHINee wrap up their 'SHINee World V' tour in Bangkok

By jennywill   29 days ago   11,597   3,576   11



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SHINee has finished up their 'SHINee World V' concert tour.

The boys kicked things off in September 2016 in Seoul and visited 10 cities along the way including Jakarta, Yokohama, Toronto, Vancouver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Taipei, and finally wrapping things up in Bangkok.

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They were in Bangkok's Thunder Dome on June 24 and performed 24 songs for 2.5 hours. They started off with "Hitchhiking", and performed songs such as "Replay", "Lucifer", "Everybody", "View", and "1 of 1", as well as Taemin's solo "Goodbye" and Onew and Jonghyun's duet "Please, Don't Go". 

Check out photos from the final concert below.

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red378 29 days ago

Congratulations, SHINee on your successful tour 😊👍💗

kalimilano 29 days ago

Amazing .. congrats to SHINee

SHINeeUKShawol 29 days ago

To all the Shawols that attended i hope you all had the GREATEST time of your life~~ Congrats SHINee on the awesome concert! Though i couldn't ever attend these (please realise England exists T_T), it was great listening in haha!

Kyzara SHINeeUKShawol 29 days ago

I'm really glad I paid to travel to Toronto to see them even if they're not my ult stan group. They're amazing, I hope they won't forget Europe next time because it's worth it!

Reita_7 SHINeeUKShawol 29 days ago

Yeah... They didn't come to NYC either:-( I couldn't go to Dallas! ... I've never seen SHINee :'-( I love them!!!!!!

Max_South SHINeeUKShawol 29 days ago

But how many concerts were done since September? It was ten cities, but how many concerts in total?

Max_South Reita_7 29 days ago

At least Key's baby pal (through a musical) Yo Seob was in near to you just few days ago on K-Pop festival. Other folks live far off to a degree that no one ever comes there, so you are still lucky. :)

SHINeeUKShawol Max_South 29 days ago

I think it was 14 concerts in total ^^

Max_South SHINeeUKShawol 29 days ago

Thanks. But why so few? Some bands have at least 50 concerts per year. What else the lads were doing? Do they think that filming dramas or whatever else they were doing besides the music is more profitable than doing, say, 50 concerts instead of just 14?

SHINeeUKShawol Max_South 28 days ago

They also had their Japanese concerts titled 'SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~'. They did 25 of these this year too. So basically they did 2 sets of concerts and then they all had a load of their individual activities. I get what you're saying though, 14 concerts do seem very few, but trust me, when it comes to earning money, SHINee are usually 2nd place after TVXQ in earning the most for SM. They definitely have enough work. Poor guys haven't even had one full week of rest yet...

ihavemyownkey SHINeeUKShawol 23 days ago

All that, plus individual activities, Jjong's Korean comeback, Taemin's Japanese comeback... Our boys have been very, very busy!

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