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Lee Hyori explains she didn't have any intention to portray 'Seoul' in a negative light

By KpopJoA   26 days ago   22,815   947   0



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Returning with another successful track titled "Seoul," Lee Hyori sat down with JTBC 'Newsroom' to talk about her latest song and music video.

Lee Hyori explained how "'Seoul' represents the overall concept and emotions of the album."  She went on, "I lived in Seoul ever since I was 2-years old, for more than 30 years.  I still had distant memories, although I had left the city."

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In contrast, she talked about her life now in Jeju Island, "My life on Jeju Island wasn't boring.  I just feel like I had hated Seoul."  Lee Hyori described, "It wasn't because Seoul was a dark and bad place, it was due to the fact that I carried a dark and congested heart while living there.  That's how I came to write the song 'Seoul.'"

The anchor then responded, "Despite what you had just mentioned, the music video did illustrate your hatred feelings towards Seoul."  Hearing this, the singer commented, "I didn't intend it to be that way, while I was filming Jeju Island looked really beautiful while Seoul was covered in yellow dust," she laughed jokingly.

  1. Lee Hyori

srhquan 25 days ago

Every cities in this world are all like that. Its her stories and some of million of people does feel stuffed live in the city, its a personal feelings (me, included). I do like country-side environment, more than living in the middle of a city, chaos and loud. What a fuss anchor, lol

HogooKang srhquan 25 days ago

Yes, some people love to live in a crowded city with its modernity, while some people prefer the slow-paced countryside life

2fat 25 days ago

So she likes the country better than the city. So she felt stifled in Seoul. I bet she did. She's Lee Hyori. She had to hide her face every time she stepped outside in Seoul. I bet she does feel more free.

NORM 25 days ago

1. Its her story to say/express how she wants 2. Its basically the whole city/countryside debate or issue, some pple love either of those styles better, while they hate the other. There is no right/wrong answer, cos u dont get to judge someone's personal feelings.

MunchieMinx 26 days ago

I love you Hyori for your boldness, but honestly--Jeju is just as dusty as Seoul. There is nothing can be done about those desert kicking up dust and the pollutants being pumped into the skies. . . Sorry. It is what it is. The country side of China is beautiful too--doesn't mean the overall air quality doesn't suck. At this point we all kinda need. . . 

RayAlkay 26 days ago

she can express whatever she wants in her music

GENTLE_T 26 days ago

why was he making a big issue out of nothing

tigre1981 26 days ago

How the hell is he going to just present his interpretation of HER video as fact?  What a douche bag!

BigBlueagain 26 days ago

What does it matter? To her, Seoul was a place where she felt oppressed. The song was about that, not the city itself. NY gets bashed and praised all the time, you don't hear NYers bitching about it. Same with London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

pink_oracle BigBlueagain 25 days ago

I guess because many people have to live in the city because it's where the jobs are they feel a little put out. I'm sure many people would love to run away to the country to live a cleaner more peaceful life, but they don't have that opportunity. Having someone say where you live is miserable compared to where they live, when you're trying to make the best of it, must be quite deflating.

BigBlueagain pink_oracle 25 days ago

(shrugs) If it were me, I'd listen to the song and agree with her. But that's me.

pink_oracle BigBlueagain 25 days ago

I'm less inclined to be accommodating to pretty faces.

BigBlueagain pink_oracle 25 days ago

(rolls eyes) it's about very large cities having places that really suck in them. I thought better of you.

pink_oracle BigBlueagain 25 days ago

She's clearly singing about the city as a whole. Not being able to see the stars, people wearing black to hide, the video depicting the city to have a harsh and violent atmosphere. It's clearly a message about city life making people cold and miserable.

BigBlueagain pink_oracle 24 days ago

It doesn't make them that way, living in the city does.

pink_oracle BigBlueagain 24 days ago

But I think many people who live in the city would contest that they are not cold and miserable. Or that even if they are it's isn't exactly helpful for her to write a song that sounds critical of a situation they can't change.

BigBlueagain pink_oracle 24 days ago

This is called artistic expression. Silencing this is THE most grievous sin you could commit against the principle of free speech. I'm sure that is NOT what you're intending. You don't have to agree with it, but to silence it? To say it shouldn't exist? Really?

pink_oracle BigBlueagain 24 days ago

Huh? You asked why it was even an issue and I've given an insight into why the song might hurt some Korean's feelings. I have no intent to ban or even speak negatively about the song. It's not my home she sung about.

BigBlueagain pink_oracle 24 days ago

Also, a lot of times, songs like this will inspire change so that what's being sung about is taken care of. (not always, but sometimes).

pink_oracle 26 days ago

Are you sure, because you made it seem like Seoul was a painful dark place that you'd wish to never step foot in. Just saying.

MyTwoCent pink_oracle 25 days ago

Sorta that u made ur millions there and now living a more free comfy do as i please lifestyle in Jeju ur badmouthing Seoul, kinda feel?

The End



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