What are netizens' opinions on Kris and Luhan's settlement with SM?

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Kris and Luhan's lawsuits with SM, which everyone thought would go on for another 20 years, finally concluded after two years. The final agreement dictated that Kris and Luhan's exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment stay in force until 2022 as was originally written up. 

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Some people considered the ruling a 'win' for Kris and Luhan, some deemed it as more of a tie and quite a few even thought it to be an 'I-told-you-so' from SM.

But what are Korean netizens' stance regarding this particular matter? Well, it appears that most of them have sided with SM. 

Top netizen comments on news portals read, "This is entirely SM's gain hahahahaha," "Even if they get down on their knees to beg for forgiveness to SM, it won't be enough," "Man, I feel all good inside lolololol," "You've officially been punished, you money-hungry idiots. Now you're donating your money to SM lmaooooo," "They're giving their hard-earned money to EXO now lololol," "SM be just sitting there but they making that cash hahahaha," "We won't accept you Chinese boys here even if you promote as EXO. Please don't drink our kimchi juice~~~," "Naver, please remove their names from EXO's profile," "Those jjangkkae (derogatory term Koreans use to call Chinese people) bastards got what's coming to 'em lmao," and more. 

What are your thoughts? Did SM win, Kris / Luhan Win, or was a win for everyone involved?




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    sirip 27 days ago

    If Koreans hate the Chinese so much they should stay the hell out of China.  I hope the Chinese continue to block the Korean entertainers from earning money there.  It will serve them right.

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    qtcat Wednesday, July 27, 2016

    This is a serious issue... not even just in SM. There's a lot of unhappy artists who don't get the promotion and attention from the company they deserve even if they work hard and they can't leave until their ridiculously long contract ends. The company in some cases, don't even give them enough to money to live off of (a.k.a G.NA). That's slavery to me, that's not an employee. I also believe SM did not treat the Chinese members equally. They gave them significantly less work and did not let them pursue fields that they wanted to pursue as they were promised (like acting), and they also did not pay them on the time that was promised by CONTRACT. Why can SM break the contract but Luhan and Kris can't? That's hypocritical! How were Luhan and Kris even supposed to live? I wouldn't live their life if I was working 21 hours a day, 7 days a week, can't even take vacations, can't even take sick days, and not even get my pay on time. That's just inhumane. For all the people commenting, if you've ever worked a day in your life, you wouldn't put up for these standards either. I am completely for Luhan and Kris leaving if they are unhappy with their lives. You only live one life and your youth is short. Don't live your life at the hands of someone else just because they have power by paper.

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    crystalyu47 Monday, July 25, 2016

    Stupid article that only spreads hate. Why try to stir up conflict between asians. Just because a few stupid k-netizens wrote that doesn't mean it is reflective of the korean community opinion.

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