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Yubin receives a giant lollipop from 'The Virus' co-star Park Min Woo

March 14, 2013 @ 1:45 am
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Yubin brought laughs as she showed off the giant lollipop given to her by 'The Virus' co-star Park Min Woo!

Park Min Woo was the one who revealed the photo as he tweeted, "How do you eat this!! kekeke. We posed to send a message to stop excessive spending on White Day. Your heart is what counts~".

Since on White Day, boys give girls candy and gifts, it looks like Park Min Woo chose Yubin to be the lucky girl this year! Despite the giant lollipop, Yubin played the part of the insatiable girlfriend quite well as she put on a hilarious expression that had discontent written all over it.

With the photo proving to be quite the opposite of the actor's "your heart is what counts" message, fans couldn't help but laugh at the sillyness of the two stars.

Happy White Day to Yubin and Park Min Woo, and all our readers out there!


[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]



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